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A chance to earn 10 crores with 1 rupee coin! Quick check – Do you have this special coin

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1885 coin price 1 rupee: If you have such a coin in your house, check it. You can earn up to 10 crore rupees by auctioning this special 1 rupee coin (1 rupee Coin).

This coin can be made rich

(1885 coin price 1 rupee): There are many such reports that one millionaire became a millionaire due to one coin. The news is very interesting, which we get excited after reading. I wish we had the same coin! This is a great chance to become a millionaire sitting at home. But this opportunity is available only if you have a rare or special type of coin!

Many people have old coins stored in their homes. At the same time, a lot of people are fond of coin collecting. This is a great opportunity for such people. Today we are telling you about such a coin, which will make you rich in one stroke.

If you have such a coin in your house or if there is such a coin in your coin collection, then check it. You can earn up to 10 crore rupees by auctioning this special 1 rupee coin (1 rupee Coin).

Which coin is special?

This coin, which has the potential to be auctioned in crores of rupees, is not a minor coin. According to reports, this cropped coin has many specialties. The first thing is that this coin should be of British rule. It must be printed 1885. If you have such a 1 rupee coin, which is printed on AD 1885, then you can become a millionaire.

You have to put this coin for online auction. In the online sale, you can win up to 9 crore 99 lakh rupees, which is about 10 crore rupees on this coin. Now you may be wondering where to sell this special coin… where and how to auction it? We are telling you where you will get the coins!

Create ID on this online platform

To sell old coins, you have to visit the online platform OLX (OLX) for the purchase and sale of old items. You must first create your account on OLX. You can create a login ID by adding some information about yourself. You can also earn money by auctioning coins by creating an account on indiamart.com.

This is how your work can become

After creating an account, you can put this rare and special coin of 1 rupee that you have for auction here. For this, you have to take a picture of your coin from every angle and you will have to share these pictures in your account. Put a little detail about the features of this coin and put it for sale along with the auction.

That’s all you have to do. The website will do the work ahead of it. On OLX, a lot of people buy antique pieces, unique items and also buy special coins. Some very fond people keep looking for old coins. You can earn great money by auctioning such coins. Although it is not necessary that your coin gets Rs 10 crore, but there is no shortage of gifts.

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