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4 major pharmaceutical companies claimed, now there will be no shortage of Corona medicine Remedisvir, took this big step

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Pharmaceutical company Sun Pharmaceutical Industries said that it is increasing the capacity of remadecevir production by tying up with Syngene to meet the growing demand.

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The companies making Remedesivir medicine, which are useful in the treatment of COVID-19, said that they have increased the production of this drug to meet the growing demand in the country. In fact, the government has banned the export of Remedicivir injection and its chemicals (API) till the situation improves in view of the increasing case of COVID-19 infection. Whether Zydus Cadila or any other leading pharmaceutical company is claiming that we will not allow the shortage of medicines, but the reality of the market is saying something else.

According to Zydus Cadila, “With the recent increase in cases of COVID-19 infection, the demand for Remedisvir has increased. We are currently producing it in three-four units. To meet the demand, we increased the production from 5-6 lakh vials to 10-12 lakh vials per month. We will now increase it to 20 lakh vials per month. ”

Work is also being done on price

According to the company, the supply situation will improve in the next few weeks. Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories also said that it is making all possible efforts to reach more patients in India. “We are increasing production,” the company said in a statement. We are bringing liquid products to market that can be made and supplied rapidly. We have also reduced the maximum retail price (MRP) by 50 per cent so that the price does not become a barrier to the access to injection patients. ”

There will be improvement in a few weeks

According to the statement, the company expects the situation to improve in the next few weeks. The pharmaceutical company Sun Pharmaceutical Industries said that it is expanding its capacity to produce remadecivir by tying up with Syngene to meet growing demand. , “The company has already increased production and is currently producing Remedesivir at two plants. With the intention of increasing production, it decided to produce it at another plant. We are constantly monitoring the situation and are working tirelessly to ensure that the drug is useful in the treatment of COVID-19 to the patients. ”

Cipla is also increasing participation

The company is partnering with Syngene to produce and distribute Remadecivir in India. Cipla also said that it has increased Remedesivir production significantly this time as compared to the previous transition. According to the company, “We have doubled production compared to last time. In view of the unforeseen demand for medicine, we have further increased our capacity through our network. ”

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