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2020 returns? The workers are returning home for fear of lockdown, remembering the restrictions of last year

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The corona virus has knocked once again in the country. Lockdown has been imposed in some cities and night curfew has been imposed. Many other restrictions have once again come into force in the country.

At such a time, migrant laborers living in major cities like Delhi, Pune and Mumbai are once again preparing to return home. According to some media reports, a large number of laborers are reaching the railway stations and bus stations of these cities.

Let us know that after the lockdown last year, lakhs of workers were forced to migrate to their villages. Since the train, bus, air services were all closed at that time, those workers had left for their villages on foot and even by bicycle. Photos of these laborers were forced to travel thousands of kilometers.

Talking to news agency ANI, a laborer says that he was stuck there since the lockdown last time. Again, he wants to avoid such situations. That is why they are still working on a plan to return home.

Please tell that after Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, many restrictions have started in Chhattisgarh, UP, Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat. Things like last year are being seen once again.

The situation in Pune is such that patients are not getting beds and ventilators. In such a situation, the Municipal Corporation has sought help from the Army. The army hospital in Pune has 335 beds and 15 ventilators.

Will the lockdown happen again ?, these 5 major concerns are haunting the general public, know everything here

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Mirza Shehnaz
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