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Thursday, October 21, 2021

You can earn big money by investing money in foreign markets, this company started new service for customers

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ICICI Direct has expanded its global investment facility in the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong Germany and Singapore.

You can invest money in the market of these five countries

Now you can earn big profits by investing in foreign markets. The online trading platform ICICI Direct (ICICI Direct) has launched a new service for customers. Through the new service, investors will now be able to invest in five new foreign markets. Investors can now invest in markets in the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and Singapore. Explain that ICICI Direct customers already have the facility to invest in US markets.

The brokerage said that customers can trade in securities in these markets. The ICICI director has tied up with US-based online brokerage firm Interactive Brokers LLC (Interactive Brokers LLC) to provide this facility to Indian customers.

In which you will be able to invest

Domestic investors can invest in stocks, exchange traded funds, mutual funds (non-US) and fixed income products in these five foreign exchanges. The entire process of buying and selling securities is digital.

Anupam Guha, head of private wealth management at ICICI Security, said, “In August 2020, we started a global investment facility for the US market.” The response was much better. In view of this, we started the facility of investing in five new markets for domestic investors.

How much can you invest annually

According to ICICI Direct, investors can invest in the foreign market through the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS) and invest in stocks, exchange-traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds (non-US) and fixed income products. The annual limit of investment in this is Rs 1,82,10,000 i.e. $ 2.50 lakh.

Some markets, such as the US, offer unique advantages such as no minimum ticket size and partial ownership of shares. Therefore small retail investors can also build a portfolio.

How to open account

ICICI Direct account holders can open accounts digitally through Direct website. Also, depending on the preferences of the trading and market, you can take the available subscription plans.

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