What did Dharmendra Pradhan say on the century of petrol-diesel, said- government needs extra money, hence more tax

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Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan said that the government needs more money for development and fighting Corona. That’s why more tax is being charged on petrol and diesel.

Petrol became costlier by Rs 5.72 in six weeks.

Petrol Diesel latest price: With petrol and diesel prices hitting record levels, Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Sunday said Congress-ruled states like Rajasthan and Maharashtra should cut taxes on vehicle fuel. However, he remained silent on whether states like BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka would do the same, where petrol has crossed Rs 100 per litre.

Pradhan said that if the Congress is worried about the rising burden of vehicle fuel prices on the common man, then it should cut sales tax on petrol and diesel in the states ruled by it. Petrol has become costlier by Rs 5.72 per liter and diesel by Rs 6.25 per liter in less than the last six weeks. Auto fuel prices have reached record highs due to rising international crude oil prices and high central and state taxes.

Government needs more tax than petrol and diesel

Talking to reporters after inaugurating the oxygen plant set up by Indraprastha Gas Limited at Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Pradhan said that the central and state governments need additional money from taxes on petrol, diesel to fight the pandemic and other development works. is. He acknowledged that vehicle fuel prices were hurting consumers.

Why doesn’t Rahul Gandhi reduce the price in Congress ruled states?

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is a constant attacker on the Narendra Modi government regarding vehicle fuel prices. To a question about this, Pradhan said why fuel is expensive in Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Punjab. “If Rahul Gandhi is worried about the impact of vehicle fuel prices on the poor, he should ask chief ministers to cut taxes on fuel in Congress-ruled states,” he said.

Price crosses 100 in MP, Karnataka

Pradhan, however, did not say whether BJP-ruled states like Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka would do the same, where petrol prices have crossed Rs 100 per liter due to local taxes.

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Bhagyashree Soni
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