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Top 10 Cryptocurrency News Outlets That You Should Follow

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If you are someone that is trading in cryptocurrency or if you have any interest in cryptocurrency, then one thing you will agree to is that cryptocurrency is highly volatile. For a common man without much technical knowledge, it’s very difficult to predict which way the stock values may go. Sometimes it can increase ten times its current value overnight or, it can reduce down to a quarter of its current value.

But just because cryptocurrency is unpredictable, you shouldn’t stop from buying and trading cryptocurrency. That’s because you can easily find many reliable sources on the internet that try and guide us while dealing with crypto. As we mentioned earlier, even though dealing with cryptocurrency can be very volatile and uncertain for a layman. But people with more and advanced knowledge in the field of finance and economy can make better predictions and decisions compared to the common man.

When you are dealing with high amounts of stocks in cryptocurrency, it would be a wise decision to hire a financial adviser to guide you against all kinds of threats and declines that you may have to face in the future. But if you are dealing with relatively smaller stocks of cryptocurrency, hiring a financial advisor can be an unnecessary task, not to mention an expensive one.

So that’s why we have put together for you a list of top ten Indian news outlets, be it newspapers, TV channels, or websites that will help you stay up to date on the latest news and trends related to cryptocurrency. So without wasting any further time, let’s go through them, and you can have your pick depending on which source you feel is the best for you. How Do You Know You Are Ready To Trade Cryptocurrency?

Top 10 Cryptocurrency News Outlets

#1. Economic Times

Under publication for more than 50 years, this English daily newspaper is one of the most trusted and respected newspapers in India. You can refer to it for all kinds of business-related news and updates in the country. For all types of the latest news about cryptocurrency, you can refer to your daily copy of the Economic Times.

#2. The Tech Portal

Next up on our list is an Indian website by the name of thetechportal.com. This website publishes all kinds of articles on topics such as finance, business, and technology. You can easily find all the current news related to cryptocurrency on the website. Another plus point in favour of this site is that it offers all articles and posts in both English and Hindi.

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#3. Financial Express

An business English daily from The Indian Express Group, the Financial Express prides itself on reporting all the top financial and industry news in India and all over the world. Looked after by readers for more than five decades on all kinds of economic news, the Finance Express can be one of the best sources for all your cryptocurrency-related updates.

#4. Money Control

Moneycontrol.com is another Indian based website that provides news and updates on all kinds of monetary and business-related activities. Its coverage ranges from investments, stock markets, financing, and of course, cryptocurrency. You should subscribe to this website if you want to stay on top of all news about cryptocurrency.

#5. The Hindu

One of the tops circulated English daily newspaper in the country, The Hindu is also one of the most sought after and trusted newspapers in India. You can find complete and accurate coverage of articles of all topics. The same goes for its finance section, where you can find all the brand new trends and updates on cryptocurrency.

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#6. CNBC TV 18

A business news channel owned jointly by CNBC and TV18, CNBC TV18 is one of the first business news channels in India, that airs business and finance news 24 hours a day. You can find all the current news related to all finance topics such as cryptocurrency on the channel. They also have a channel CNBC Awaaz which broadcasts business news in Hindi for its viewers.

#7. Inc42 Media

Another popular Indian business information and finance website inc42.com is a great platform on the internet that continuously publishes articles and blog entries on various finance connected topics such as startups and cryptocurrency, among other things. You can subscribe or avail membership for this website to get great additional benefits.

#8. The Times of India

The oldest English daily newspaper of India, The Times of India, is one of the most-read newspapers of India. For more than the past 150 years, ToI has continued to publish well-researched, accurate articles for all the current issues on all topics. You can always count on The Times of India to cover all the important news when it comes to cryptocurrency.

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#9. NDTV Profit

NDTV Profit is a business news channel from the NDTV Group of channels. It airs round the clock news on all business topics such as share market, growth rates, and other financial and business-related topics. This channel can certainly give you all the latest news when it comes to cryptocurrency to keep you up to date and provide you with proper guidance.

#10. Quartz India

Last but certainly not the least on our list is the global website Quartz that caters to separate sections on its websites for different countries. Quartz is a global guide to all the economical and monetary situations around the world. It constantly publishes well-written articles on all the major and minor financial circumstances. You sure are not going to miss any news when it comes to cryptocurrency on Quartz India.

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We hope that after going through our list, you are now more confident on which reliable news outlets you can trust to get the fastest and the most correct information. Like with everything else on the internet, use your discretion, and stay away from fake news and fraudulent websites. But you can easily stay on top of the news with all our recommended newspapers, channels and websites. So go ahead and follow them, and you will never miss any important news that will help you in your trade of cryptocurrency.

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