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Sunday, January 23, 2022

PGIM India Hybrid Equity Fund has taken this step, now it will earn by investing money in a foreign company

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It is the first diversified hybrid product of the mutual fund industry to reduce the volatility of the portfolio with the help of equity, debt and international equity.

PGIM India Mutual Fund

PGIM India Mutual Fund (PGIM India MF) has started investing in International Equity for better returns to investors. PGIM India Hybrid Equity Fund has started investing in international equities through the PGIM Jennison Global Equity Opportunity Fund.

The fund invests in 3 different asset classes such as Domestic Equity, Domestic Debt and International Equity, which have a very low correlation, which helps to reduce the volatility of the portfolio.

This makes the fund attractive to investors who seek investment growth potential by investing in balanced compounders (companies with an edge in current market share) and global giants, stability in the portfolio from fixed income investments and high quality short term investments. Want to get benefits like.

PGIM India Mutual Fund said that the PGIM India Hybrid Equity Fund has been launched in the year 2004, it has shown the ability to gain sharp edge and adapt to market conditions.

Performed well from benchmark

For example, in the low-volatile market of 2018-19, the fund has reduced equity investment participation in the broader market. Now the fund’s equity investment has expanded with better growth and growing markets, with higher participation from mid / smallcap companies, which have performed well above the benchmark. Investment in international equity reflects a further adaptability of the fund to further improve risk-adjusted return potential in the market cycle.

Features of Hybrid Fund

Hybrid funds invest in both debt and equity to reduce large risks and reap the benefits of diversification. The ideal combination of these two has the potential to yield better returns than regular debt funds and is also less volatile than a net equity fund. Hybrid funds meet wealth generation goals in longterm and also maintain portfolio balance in the short term.

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