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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Investors no longer invest in digital gold, they invested so much in Gold Savings Fund in April

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Gold: Gold Savings Fund and Gold ETFs have invested Rs 184 crores and Rs 680 crores respectively in April.


Investors are increasing investment in gold due to the second wave of corona virus epidemic (COVID-19 Pandemic) amid uncertain economic environment. In April, 864 crore rupees were invested in Gold Saving Fund and Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). According to the data, in 2020-21, Rs 3,200 crore was invested in Gold Fund while more than Rs 6,900 crore was invested in Gold ETF. According to the data of Morning Star India, Gold Savings Fund and Gold ETF have invested Rs 184 crore and Rs 680 crore respectively in April.

Chirag Mehta, Senior Fund Manager (Alternative Investments) at Quantum Mutual Fund said that investment in gold-related funds is expected to continue in 2021-22. The reason for this is that in this uncertain environment, investors are still investing less money in gold than investing in different products.

Corona increased demand

Himanshu Srivastava, Associate Director of Morning Star India said, “Gold is expected to outperform in the current environment as assets in view of the spurt in corona virus infection this year.” Investors remain interested in this property.

Investors are staying away from physical gold

Mehta of Quantum Mutual Fund also said that investors are now preferring to invest in Gold ETFs or Gold Savings Funds. The reason for this is the problem of buying or selling gold jewelery or physical gold.

He said that investing in Gold Saving Fund or Gold ETF gives him a satisfaction in terms of security as it gives him the convenience of easy buying and selling.

If we talk about returns, then these products have had annual CAGR returns of 13 to 14 per cent in the last three years. Whereas the returns have been 8 in five years.

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