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Where did the puppet come from? The community of Rajasthan whose way of living is the game of puppet

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Fingers drooling over the drum and puppets tied with threads wrapped with those fingers … how much they teach and tell us! Not many poets and poets have written compositions on the puppet, but when and how the puppet itself was composed, the matter is less. Many people will not even know that recently on 21 March, World Puppet Day has come and gone.

Well this time you can take the excuse of Corona tension but did you really know about the world level day of this sports spectacle? The answer will be no, because in our country, playing puppet is part of the tradition of Rajasthan is limited to that, whereas in reality there is more to the game of puppet laughing and playing. So let’s take you ahead of the puppet game today.

Gave employment to the nomadic community


A puppet actually means a wooden toy. Wood means wooden and dolly. It is believed that the puppet was first conceived by Jodhpur at the mouth of the desert Happened near Nagaur. Actually it was a way of entertainment for the Bhat community. People of the Bhat community used to do farming first, but later this community became nomadic.

The changing climate of Rajasthan was already around 100 years ago. Bhat Community Took away the farming from People started making dolls out of clothes and wood to run a family, then the help of poems and stories began to be used to sell this doll. Customers were attracted by seeing dolls, so they were first danced by hand and later tied with thread.

It is believed that there was more profit in selling dolls than in marketing of dolls. Then gradually the people of Bhat community adopted it as employment. People of the Bhat community used to go to the villages of Rajasthan, staying there for a few days. A would show the spectacle of a patrol and then proceed from there to his next stop. In the same way, this community became nomadic and the puppet sport became the identity of the community. This game Royal royal houses support Therefore, the people of the community used to tell stories of royal families through puppets, stories of bravery of the kings of Rajasthan.

The royal palace has its own puppet


The puppets that the Bhat community used to go from village to village for sporting spectacles were not just for the common people. The game of puppet became so famous among the royal families that every royal family had its own puppet and then special artists who played it. However, these artists were from the Bhat community. When there was a puppet play in the royal court, it would have been the lead artist. Bard.

Charan had two roles, the first a poet and the second a puppet artist. That is, the puppets danced on the fingers of the bard and he used to sing songs and poems for them. Apart from this, the teammates playing musical instruments are in the group. The puppeteers had the complete lineage of the dynasties. Therefore, the Bhat community is still considered important in Rajasthan in many ways. They have genealogies of royal families and stories of every dynasty.

The most popular story considered in puppet games is that of Amar Singh of Nagaur. They Amar Singh Who had clashed with the Mughal Sultanate to save their kingdom. However, Amar Singh was also the courtier of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan during 1628–58. But there he was tricked and later he left the court. What is famous after this is Anarkali. Which is the main character of most puppet play shows and entertains people with their dance. The primary goal of puppet play has always been the promotion of valor stories. Then whether they belong to kings or any fakir. But the same stories were always told in sports-spectacle that inspire people.

Why is it important to conserve art?


The puppet is made of wood but most of its parts are made of cotton so that they are flexible and they can dance to the beat of the fingers. The whistle is played in between to make the game interesting. The whistle is made especially of bamboo, its sound is different from the rest of the seats. The tradition of making puppets with stories keeps on going from generation to generation. The elders of the family give this art to their children.

Especially the son of the family, so that he can take it forward. It is another matter that with the passage of time, the art of puppetry has started to fade away. Artists do not get much money and there is a shortage of audience too. This is the reason that now the children of Bhat community have started adopting other employment. Although this game is just a spectacle, it is a means of entertainment, but it is their employment for the Bhat community.

They treat puppets like their children. Only when the puppet that shows the game for many years starts to deteriorate, they do not just throw it away, but rather clean it The tip in the river Please give. It is believed that the longer the puppet floats in the water for longer and farther, the greater the family’s progress.

The next time whenever you get a chance to see the spectacle of a puppet, he will never face the game just like that. You will feel this unique art of India, because it is not just a means to feed a community, but it is also a beautiful display of stories filled with knowledge and inspiration.

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