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This policeman feeds the homeless people to whom no one is asking

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In the states where lockdown has been done, there are many people who are having problems in getting food for two times. Many organizations have come forward to help such people. On the other hand, the animals that roam the streets stray, very few people are being noticed. In such a situation, a Kerala policeman has set an example, after knowing that many people will be inspired by it.

Feeding to the innocent every day

Hotels, restaurants and Dhabas in Kerala have been closed due to the lockdown. In such a situation, the stray animals, which used to get enough food from such places as scavenging, have to go hungry. Sub Inspector Subramaniam Potti S of Nemom Police Station can be seen feeding the stray animals on Vellayanai Lake every day. Subramanyam visits this lake daily and feeds stray animals. Not only this, after giving food, he also comes again to make sure that the animals have eaten all the food or not.

Condition of animals not seen

According to the report of the New Indian Express, Subramanian has been feeding animals for the last two months. One day while on his duty while Subramanian was passing by, he noticed that all the animals looked ill and depressed. Seeing their condition, it did not take long for all the inspectors to understand that they are starving of the needless. From the very next day Subramanian started feeding them. Now he has made such a arrangement that even if he is on vacation, these animals get food. He has given this responsibility to his colleagues that these animals should not go hungry even if they are not there.

‘I wish other people were inspired by my work’

kerla copNew Indian Express

Subramanyam says that he is a vegetarian and does not have non-vegetarian food in his house. So they buy food for these animals from outside. They buy parathas with dosa or chicken every day and feed them. He says that they are also living beings like us, if we do not feed them, then who else will feed them. Subramaniam also feeds the stray animals that roam near his house. His wife and children also help him in this. The great thing is that Subramaniam does not want to feed these animals, so they buy food from outside.

Subramaniam received a lot of praise in return for his work, but he wants more than the appreciation that more people will be inspired by this work and these unique people can get food. He says that I want people to be inspired by this work to fill the stomach of at least one hungry person or stray animal. This will be my achievement.

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