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This crowd engaged in Aquarius is disturbing, especially due to these 5 reasons

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Those 5 reasons why it is not right to be so crowded in Kumbh Mela, Kumbh Mela is going on in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Corona is wreaking havoc in India. These are two separate sentences, but closely related to each other. You must have understood the reason. At the time when the Corona explosion is happening in the country, we are seeing a huge crowd at the Kumbh Mela organized in Haridwar. The pictures that are coming from here are enough to tell how big the city of Haridwar is at this time.

This crowd engaged in Aquarius is disturbing, especially due to these 5 reasons:

1. India overtakes Brazil in the highest number of COVID cases in the world

Due to the way in which Corona cases are increasing from every state in the country, India overtook Brazil in the most corona cases. At this time, India has the highest number of COVID cases in the world. Last time, where India was at the 5th, 6th position, at the beginning of the increase in the cases, the world’s highest number of cases came to the fore.

2. 1 out of every 6 corona patients in the world are Indians

The most covid case in the world also means that 1 out of every 6 positive cases in the world is from India. In this population of the world, if 1 out of 6 cases is from India, then you can think how the corona is spreading in the country. In the last 24 hours, 904 people have been infected. This is the largest figure since 18 October 2020.

3. 1.2 million active cases in the country every day

There are 1.2 million active cases in the country at this time. In a few days, the number of cases that come every day will cross the 2 lakh mark. Which will mean that a large number of people will be infected even in the last villages and towns, possibly surviving the corona attack. When the condition of hospitals in the biggest cities of the country has just deteriorated, then we can guess what will happen in the towns and villages.

4. Maximum number of cases in Uttarakhand

The number of people coming from outside in Uttarakhand for this festival is 10 lakh. While at present, the state has the highest number of corona cases compared to last year. Here the number of Daily Covid cases has crossed almost 360. On March 1, there were 27 fresh cases in the state and now by April 12, the number of fresh cases is going to reach 1 lakh. These cases, which have increased in the state in just 1 month, can be gauged by how serious the situation is here.

5. Lack of beds in hospitals, lack of corona vaccine in centers

The health system in the country has started crumbling due to the continuous arrival of 1.5 lakh new cases. Not only the corona vaccine in Maharashtra, but there is also a shortage of beds in hospitals. In this state alone, 60 thousand cases of corona are coming out every day. To deal with the situation, more and more covid-care centers are being opened in rural areas of Maharashtra and beds are being demanded from private hospitals.

Please tell us what is your opinion about the crowd gathered in Kumbh. Or send it in the comment box.

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