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This clinic is open to patients for 24 hours, doctor’s fee is only 10 rupees.

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In childhood, we often hear stories of our grandparents. Many times, the life of elders affects us so much that we start following the path suggested by them. There is a similar story of Dr. Noori Parveen of Andhra Pradesh. Originally related to Vijayawada, Dr. Noori never saw his grandfather. Because he died before Noori was born. She only heard stories of her goodness and social service from her father and that is probably why she, like her grandfather, got involved in social work.

She says, “Hearing about Dada ji since childhood, I also had a feeling of social service. Then always saw his father also helping people. I often thought that growing up, I would do something that would benefit the people. ” Realizing her childhood dream, Dr. Noori is running her clinic today. Where she treats people for just 10 rupees. After completing her medical studies, she decided that she would work for people coming from the needy and poor sections.

He explained this journey to The Better India in detail. She says, “I was good at studies since childhood. I used to see in my childhood that people respect doctors the most. This profession is considered very noble because, doctors save people’s lives. Therefore, I also decided to become a doctor. ”

However, this road was not easy for him. Because, Dr. Noori, who studied from Urdu medium till class 10, had to take English medium course from class 11. Nuri’s always topping numbers started coming down suddenly and his morale started to break down. She says, “That time was difficult, but in my desire to become a doctor, I decided to fight every difficulty. My family also supported me and through hard work, finally I got admission in medical college after school. ”

10 Rupee Doctor
Dr. Noori Parveen

Treatment for just 10 rupees:

Dr. Noori completed his MBBS degree from Kadapa’s ‘Fatima Institute of Medical Sciences’ in Andhra Pradesh. She told that even during college studies, she was associated with social work. He further added, “In the second year of college, I formed an association with some of my friends and juniors. All of us students used to go to different shelter homes and old age homes. He used to do regular check-ups of the people living there and if he could get any other help, he would do it too. ”

After completion of the degree, he saw that his friends were either busy preparing for the masters degree or joining a hospital. Like everyone else, Noori thought of doing the same. But, then she felt that if she thinks only about herself, then how will her dream of doing something for people since childhood be fulfilled? Therefore, he neither joined any hospital nor prepared for further studies. He said, “I decided to start a clinic for poor and needy people, where they get the right treatment for the least amount of money.” I did not tell about this at my home earlier and started the clinic last year. I am lucky that when my family came to know about this, they also supported me in this work. ”

10 Rupee Doctor

She started her clinic on 7 February 2020, where she charges only Rs 10 from patients. If a patient has to be kept in the clinic all day, then there is a fee of only 50 rupees. His clinic has three beds and other essential facilities. Dr. Noori explains that everyday, she sees at least 40–50 patients. He said, “I have opened my clinic in Kadapa itself. Here patients come from the surrounding rural areas, who cannot go to big hospitals or clinics. Because, in most places, the fees of doctors are only 200-250 rupees and the cost of medicines is different. These people often ignore their health, especially women, because of money. But if the doctor’s fees are low, it helps them a lot. ”

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Clinic also open in lockdown:

Dr. Noori says that when the lockdown took place in March 2020, he had to close his clinic. But, within a week of this people started contacting him. Because, he was also finding it difficult to relocate due to the lockdown. As such, he re-opened the clinic. He said, “Even in lockdown, the clinic was open 24 hours and still we are ready to help people all the time. There has been a good response from the people in the last one year. I am helping people by giving them cheaper treatment, so some rich people have gone ahead and tried to help us at our level. ”

They come from diseases like fever, coughs, colds, heart and brain related diseases. She tries to treat every patient as possible. She reported that she is also involved with cardiologists, neurologists, and gynecologists in her network. If ever a patient comes with such diseases, they consult the expert doctor over the phone. Also, she tries to ensure that the patient gets the right treatment and care.

10 Rupee Doctor

Dr. Noori says, “These people will be disappointed if I return these kind of patients or ask them to go to a big hospital somewhere.” Therefore, I listen to their problems and try to solve them. After this, if someone needs more treatment, they are sent to another place. ”

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Siddiqui, who lives in Kadapa, says, “I was very sick late one day.” But I was reluctant to go to the hospital because I was afraid that if the doctor could not be found. In such a situation, my brother and I called Dr. Noori. She had left her clinic but after my call she immediately returned to the clinic and asked me to come to the clinic as well. In today’s time, this dedication of a doctor to his patients is a big deal. ”

Apart from this, Dr. Noori has also started the ‘Noor Charitable Trust’. Through which, she is delivering books, stationery and many other essential things to the children of needy families. Their purpose is to help people in every possible way. Apart from these social initiatives, she also produces documentaries to spread awareness against dowry, suicide.

Finally she says, “I still ask for help from my family when needed. Because, my aim is not to earn money but to help people. I am confident that as far as my efforts have been successful, this campaign will continue in future. ”

Of course, this initiative by Dr. Noori Parveen is praise-worthy and we hope that she will continue to help people by moving forward in the same way.

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