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The world’s most expensive injection was needed to save 5 months of innocence, people donated 16 crores

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The country is already struggling with the havoc of Corona. In the meantime, people are eating hard for basic medical needs. This time has also brought immense difficulties for those who have rare diseases. An innocent person from Gujarat also had such a rare disease and the cost of one injection in this condition is 16 crores.

To save this innocent, the family could not arrange so much money that an injection of 16 crores could be injected. But, some good-natured people helped the family and removed them from the crisis, the father had requested for help on social media and in just 42 days, 16 crore rupees were collected.

In fact, Rajdeep Singh Rathore of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, had appealed to people on social media to help his five-month-old child. Rajdeep’s child Dhirenraj Singh Rathore had a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy. Jolgensma injection was needed to treat the condition. The price of this injection is 16 crores. It has been labeled as the world’s most expensive drug.

16 crores is a huge amount, which was not easy for father Rajdeep to manage immediately. In such a situation, Rajdeep took the help of social media for this and appealed to the people for financial help. Rajdeep also took help of an NGO in this. When people came to know about this, then people helped at their own level. In just 42 days, more than 2.6 lakh people raised 16 crores for the treatment of the innocent.

On receiving the injection, the child was given the first dose of the injection on Wednesday. The child is discharged from the hospital after his condition stabilizes. Father Rajdeep Singh had said that even if he had sold everything and put an end to his savings, he would not have been able to collect so much money together.

‘The people who help to save our son’s life are not millionaires but ordinary people. More than 2.64 lakh people gave money.

He said that there was only 6 crore import duty on Jolgensma injection. However, the Central Government waived this import duty, which greatly reduced the burden of Rajdeep.

What is spinal muscular atrophy?

Spinal muscular atrophy is a rare genetic disease. This disease is found in one in 8 to 10 thousand children. He said that if the disease is not treated in time, the child’s life may be threatened and injection of this disease is also very expensive.

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