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The little bird, who was falling from the nest, saved this noble lady! Now this photo is winning people’s hearts

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Due to increasing pollution day by day, many species of birds are becoming extinct from this concrete forest. In our childhood, the birds which we usually used to see, today do not see any sign of them. Perhaps these little birds are afraid of us because of our antics. But it can be tried to convince them, to show affection for them, then it is possible that they will come again among us. If you think that doing so will not prove to be effective, then you should see the viral picture of this Goa woman.

Why is the discussion happening?

This lady of Goa has shown how much these little birds have faith in them and to what extent they have made these birds feel safe. After a tweet by a well-known bird lover, Manish Hariprasad, pictures of this woman have started going viral. Manish posted some pictures on Friday in one of his tweets. In these pictures, a woman from a fishing village in Goa has her hands forward and Maina’s children are sitting comfortably on her arm. In another picture, the young children of Maina are sitting on the head of the woman without any fear. In the picture, the woman is raising her hand towards her head so that Maina’s child can move away from their head and sit on their hand and they can take it down. After that, the black and white little bird flies comfortably and sits on the woman’s hand. People who see this picture are surprised that how Myna’s children are so comfortable with this woman and are not afraid of her.

What is written in the tweet?

Capturing these pictures, Manish wrote that this lady from a fishing village in Goa works to rescue the small birds that have fallen from their nests. We can see in the pictures that Mena’s children are refusing to sit anywhere other than the woman’s head. He then referred to the emotional moment when the woman is lovingly telling the little bird ‘Will you go home?’

People became emotional

This tweet of Manish is making people very emotional. This tweet has received 774 likes and 128 retweets so far. A bird lover named Shalini commented in this tweet and said that this woman is an inspiration for us and she wants to be like him. Along with this, many other users also praised this woman. Really we need now to be like this woman and to make the birds feel that they are safe with us.

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