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Takes food orders on weekends, feeds the destitute animals with that money

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In the lockdown caused by the corona epidemic, not only the people but also the animals had to face many difficulties. All the people were locked in their homes and the markets were also deserted. In such a situation, difficulties grew up for the destitute and the unruly animals. But, just as good-natured people brought food and ration to the needy, so too were many honest-hearted people who took care of these idle people. Today we are going to tell you about 42-year-old Ruh Chaudhary, who lives in Ludhiana. Who fed about 500 destitute dogs every day during lockdown.

However, it is not that she did this job only in lockdown, but she has been feeding the destitute animals every day since long ago. She explains, “But everything was closed during the lockdown and because of this the animals started moving around in search of food. I myself saw how the animals and birds were in a state of disarray. My son and I used to go and feed them all once a day. Apart from this, I also appealed to others to feed them if they see any destitute animals. ”

Talking to The Better India, he said, “Since childhood, I have a lot of love for animals. With my father, I learned to take care of animals. If I see an animal injured anywhere, then immediately give it the right treatment and feed it everyday, I have been doing all this since childhood. Because I believe that this earth and environment is not only for us humans, but all animals and animals also have equal rights over them. There is a need to establish a right balance, which we can do by being a little sensitive towards other living beings. ”

Ludhiana Woman Feeding Strays
Rooh Chaudhary

Feeding 75 destitute dogs every day:

Rooh has been feeding about 75 destitute dogs in his area for the last several years. She says that sometimes this number increases, sometimes it decreases. She gives them food every day in the morning or evening. She says, “If they get enough food even once a day, then they don’t have to wander somewhere. So, in some places I go and give food in the morning and in some places my 12-year-old son comes and feeds them in the evening. ”

She says that everything was going well but, as soon as the lockdown happened and within few days, she saw that no one was paying attention to these idiots. He said, “When I went to feed, I saw that gradually the number of destitute animals started increasing. They were wandering around in the hope of eating. Many times I saw them licking stones and I felt very bad seeing this. So, I started carrying more food everyday. ” But when the number of animals began to exceed 100, he felt that he would have to do something for funding.

But instead of seeking funding from others, they decided to do something at their level. Ruh says that she has been baking for a long time and at the same time, she also loves to cook. He decided to take a small initiative from home and started working as a ‘home chef’ on weekends. She says, “I used to take some baking orders in the past. But this was not a routine, just limited to some of my friends. If they wanted something special, they would order me. But last year in lockdown, I started taking food orders on regular weekends. Whatever money I get from these orders, I make arrangements for the eating and treatment of these destitute animals. ”

Ludhiana Woman Feeding Strays
Everyday feeds the destitute animals

At the beginning of the week, Rooh tells people her menu about what dishes she is going to make this Sunday. By Friday, she takes orders from people. She makes all the preparations according to the order on Saturday and prepares fresh food on Sunday and delivers it to the customers. Their menu consists of a veg dish, a non-veg dish and a sweet dish. He tries to feed such dishes, which are not available in Ludhiana. He says that he gets seven to eight orders a week and about 30 customers are connected to him.

Whatever money they earn from these orders, they are putting them in the care of destitute animals. He says, “To help someone, you just have to be passionate and then the road keeps going by itself.”

Live an environmentally friendly life:

Ruh Chaudhary, who has a deep affection and sensitivity towards destitute animals, is also very aware of the environment. Any kind of garbage from their house does not pollute the environment by reaching out to the natural sources. Rather, she manages the waste right at her home. She explains that she makes organic manure from her kitchen waste, which she uses for gardening with her son. She does not buy any plastic material and carries a bag of clothes for all types of shopping.

Ludhiana Woman Feeding Strays
Food is packed in pottery

She says, “I go shopping with my son and everyone there is now calling him a baby boy.” Similarly, making compost from organic waste comes well to my son and also horticulture. I am ‘homeschooling’ my son. Therefore, he is still learning the skills to come forward in life. Just like in school, it is taught in books that they germinate after sowing seeds in the soil but, my son does all this with his own hands. Small steps lead to big changes and you cannot live a ‘zero-lifestyle’ right away. It is a process in which you slowly step forward. ”

All their dishes are also packed and delivered to their customers in environmentally friendly ways. She uses earthen pots to pack her dishes and uses a rope of leaves and coats to close them. If a customer can come from their place and take their orders, then they ask them to bring steel utensils from their home. He says that as much as possible, he is trying to reduce plastic from his life. She also uses pottery for cooking. She uses silbatta to grind spices etc.

Ludhiana Woman Feeding Strays

Similarly, she tries to recycle old clothes to make them something new and useful. Similarly, to ward off mosquitoes, she uses camphor in neem oil instead of good night liquid. They have also made small shelters for destitute dogs, from packaging cartons and polythene that come with online orders. Finally she says, “You can’t do everything in a day. Because, to build an environmentally friendly life, you have to move forward with patience and patience. You can gradually work on everything like – start by separating household waste and then managing it. Slowly stop using polythene and explain the importance of this to your children as well. ”

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