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Story of the world’s biggest detective: spying for 5 countries but heartfelt Indian

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Those who play patriotism always get respect. People narrate stories of their valor to the generations to come and take pride in them. But among these heroic sons, there are some people on whom the country is always proud, but their heroic stories are not accessible to the people. Bravery is not measured only by fighting in the war. Intellectual strength and courage is greater than physical strength. In the battlefield, the soldiers know that a war is going to happen from the front, but there are some brave people who enter the enemy’s camp to find out when and where the attack is going to be.

Even today, for the safety of our country, many brave sons have forgotten their true identity even at their home and are sitting in such places where the decree of their death can come out at any time. In common language, they are called spies. Today we are going to tell you about one such spy who fooled many other countries including Nazi forces during World War II:

Who was Bhagat Ram Talwar

Bhagat Ram Talwar was born in 1908 into a thriving Punjabi family. His father Gurdas Mal had a good friendship with the top officers of the British Raj, but after the massacre at Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar in 1919, when the British had a very cruel face in front of the world, their father also understood that these whites can never be friends. . Since childhood, the spirit of patriotism was awakened in Bhagat Ram’s mind. This patriotism was filled not only within them but also inside their other two brothers. His brother Harikishan was arrested in 1930 for firing on a governor and was hanged on 9 June 1931. After this, the feeling of country service became stronger inside Bhagat Ram. He always had to do something big. From Arya Samaj Andolan to Communist Party, Bhagat Ram made his mark.

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Netaji was also a fan of this man

Bhagat Ram Talwar The Better India

The day was 1941 and the day was 16 January. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose was to reach the Soviet Union at all costs. But it was not so easy. Because British soldiers were everywhere smelling the smell of Netaji. It is said that there was no harm of the leader in changing the dress. In front of this art they used to eat very well. This was the day that the leader sitting in Calcutta had to reach Delhi by frontier mail. He had disguised Pathan to avoid the soldiers. It was almost impossible to recognize him at this time, but a man at the station identified the leader, making this impossible. Certainly at this time, the leader must have praised that person’s sharp eye. The person who recognized Netaji was Rahmat Khan, aka Silver aka Bhagat Ram Talwar. It was Bhagat Ram who had the responsibility of taking Netaji out of Kabul to Germany and then to Japan via the Soviet Union, but what did he know that he was going to write a history under the pretext of Netaji which was first written by an Indian Did not write After reaching Peshawar from India, Netaji and Bhagat Ram traveled 200 km to reach Kabul. From here, Bhagat Ram prepared the way for the leader to leave Kabul. The leader traveled from Kabul to Moscow and there to Berlin and then to Japan.

Fooled 5 countries together

Bhagat Ram Better India

After Netaji’s departure, Bhagat Ram did not return to India and started living in Kabul in the name of Rahmat Khan. A detective works for one country, but Bhagat Ram also took the Nazis into confidence, telling Russia that he belongs to him, and also befriended Japan. He became a Khan spy for Italy. A few months later, Rahmat also started working for Italy’s Axis partner Germany. But Rahmat did not happen to both of them because these countries were supporters of hanging and Rahmat was a firm communist. To show, he should also become a British agent and this is where he got the new name Silver. The most interesting thing was that his British control officer Peter Fleming, who was the creator of James Bond, brother of Ian Fleming, named him Silver.

Not only this, Germany awarded him the Iron Cross which was the highest military honor of the Nazis. Along with this, he was also given a reward of 2.5 million euros for today’s price. But even after all this, Bhagat alias Rahmat tricked everyone. In Mihir Bose’s book Silver ‘The Spy Who Fouled the Nazis’, it is written that during World War II, Bhagat Ram worked as an agent for the countries of Italy, Germany, France, Russia, Britain, Japan. But his goal was only to get independence for India. He was the first detective to play the role of double agent for so many countries.

His spying was accepted by the elders. He was only tenth pass, he did not have the knowledge of English language properly, the biggest thing was that his color as an Indian was wheatish. Nevertheless, he managed to fool the white British. It is said that after the end of World War II, Bhagat Ram disappeared and then after the independence of India, he returned to his country. He died in 1983 in Pilibhit, Uttar Pradesh.

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