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Son sings for mother admitted in ICU & ‘Tera Mujh Hai Pehle Ka Naata’ & Dr. said- It changed us

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What our health workers are going through is the hallmark of this doctor’s story. She writes, Every day after the shift is over, I talk to the patient and his family through a video call. I show them that their patient is recovering. They should not worry.

She says, often at the behest of the family of the patient, she makes a video call after the shift. But, the son of a patient asked me for a few minutes. He started singing songs for the mother who was struggling with death.

He sang, ‘Tera mujhe hai pheere ka naati koi’. I stood there taking the phone. Once she was looking at that boy, once her mother was hearing more songs. Other nurses also came there and stood in peace. He broke down while singing. started crying. But, his line was completed. He saw his mother. I said thank you and was shattered.

She further writes, I and the other nurses were left standing. We all became inconsolable. There were water in our eyes. The nurses went one after the other to their patient and to apply attendant alarms so that they could see ventilators dialysis in time.

The doctor says, this song changed them all. At least I changed it. That song will always be in his mind. The doctor later wrote his introduction with the permission of the child. The deceased woman’s name was Sanghamitra Chatterjee and her son’s name is Soham Chatterjee.

Health workers are going through a challenging period

The circumstances under which our health workers are going through, it is not hidden from anyone. Treating more and more patients in less health resources. Death in front of them, pain of patients. Amidst all this there is sometimes a shortage of oxygen supply and sometimes shortage of essential medicines. In the midst of these difficult circumstances, our health workers are working and trying to save the lives of more and more people.

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