Shravan Kumar: Who is on a 6000 KM cycle trip to explain the importance of trees and plants

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In today’s time, after finishing studies, the youth aspire to live a luxurious life by getting a good job and a thick salary. In such an era, there is also a youth who not only prepared himself for cycling in the midst of a job, but set out on a journey of thousands of kilometers to show people the importance of the environment.

This is the story of Shravan Kumar, born in Mangalore, Karnataka, who has embarked on a new journey of 6000 km under his ‘Paddle for Green’ mission from Delhi to Kashmir after his first cycling expedition.

When and how civil engineer Shravan Kumar started a cycling expedition by profession, Businesslend, had a special conversation with him to find out how he is making people aware and educating the environment. Have shared the entire journey till.

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Shravan kumarShravan Kumar

Born on 28 July 1995, Shravan hails from Mangalore, Karnataka. Shravan says that his childhood was spent in Mangolar. Even his studies became the same. Father was a cloth merchant by profession, so Shravan did not have any problem in studies and writing. After passing 12th, he got higher education in civil engineering and moved to Delhi in 2014 to help his father run a house by doing a job. Shravan considers himself lucky that he was successful in getting a job. Life was on track. But there was something, which he always missed. Actually, Shravan was fond of cycling since childhood. Due to studies and jobs, he could not give time to cycling.

Where did the journey of Shravan start?


Shravan says that one day after coming from the office, he went to the market and brought a bicycle without gear. He also decided that he would take time out for cycling by doing anything. After this, it came to his mind that if he finds a purpose for his cycling hobby, then he can move in the direction he dreamed.

Soon Shravan decided that he would make people aware of cleanliness under the ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’. In the beginning, he sensitized hotels, restaurants and dhabas around Delhi to have maximum dustbin for garbage disposal. On receiving a positive response, Shravan decided that he would go on a cycling expedition from Delhi to Kashmir and would talk to people to promote the use of dustbin.

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3.2 lakh villages, 2200 cities, 18 states

Shravan kumarShravan Kumar

On 5 May, when Shravan left Delhi for his first cycling expedition, he had Rs 2,000 in a bicycle, some clothes, a tent and a pocket. He faced all kinds of obstacles on the way. By reaching Punjab, his money was almost gone. In such a situation, he proceeded on his journey by doing petty work in the hotels falling on the way. Shravan ended his journey of about 10 thousand km on 4 November 2018.

During this visit, he covered 18 states, 2200 cities and 3.2 lakh villages, including Himachal, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttarakhand, UP, Bihar, Sikkim, West Bengal, Arunachal, Assam, Odisha, Meghalaya, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. did. Shravan also touched the areas of Nepal and Bhutan. In response to the question of a good experience of this journey, Shravan says that it was pleasant for him to cycle from Pokhara to Muktinath in Nepal.

Sharing a bad experience in this episode, Shravan tells that during his cycle journey, his bicycle was damaged at one place in Lucknow. He did not feel that he would be able to continue his journey further. It is good for the immediate MLA from Mangaluru North, Dr. Y. Bharat Shetty, who, on receiving the information, got him a new bicycle on the spot. After which they can get ahead on their journey.

‘Paddle for Green’, 6000 km journey

After the first cycling expedition in 2018, Shravan has now embarked on a 6000 km journey. This time, he was explaining the importance of trees and plants to the people in his journey. At the same time, people are also being educated for plantation under ‘Miyawaki technique’. Shravan says that if someone wants to be educated and plant a tree, then they are ready to come back and help him. The Goa State Biodiversity Board has approached him for help.

‘Miyawaki’ is a special technique, with the help of which three types of plants (shrubby, medium sized trees and big trees giving shade) can be planted in the ground and made into forest. It was developed by Japanese botanist Akira Miyawaki. Shravan says that initially his work was not recognized. They had to listen to taunts to focus on cycling instead of jobs. But, their hard work is now paying off.

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Now Shravan Kumar’s hard work is bringing color

People are coming forward to help them with an open heart. Even when he set out for a 6000 km cycle journey from Mangalore to Imphal-Manipur on 15 March 2021, JCI, Zone-15, Mangalore and Rotary Club Mangalore Hill Site came forward to support him. Many officers of the city also reached the spot and encouraged him. After the success of this journey, Shravan wishes to embark on a similar mission.

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