Seeing the guards eating rice with onion-garlic, just mind it, isn’t it? Come forward to help someone?

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A picture has gone viral. In this, a person who is a security guard by profession is seen eating cooked rice with onion and garlic. All the processes took place with this picture. If someone advised not to waste food, then someone offered to help to improve the economic condition of this person.

Thousands of people responded to this post. Likes Shared People can do whatever they can on social media. Isn’t this just a formality?

Do you see the lives of people around you on social media? Just wait for 1 minute and think about the last time you would have thought about an unknown person on social media and then tried to make any kind of improvement in the situation.

Recently I saw a man on the banks of the ghat picking bread from the garbage and washing it under the hand pump. This was such an event that the mind got distracted. While coming from there, no one would have noticed how many people were watching, but there was neither the choice of like, nor the comment or share. Therefore, they moved the eyes to the other side.

Be it food waste ranking or starving ranking or poverty ranking. India remains in the worst of conditions. But, on social media we share anything, we are at the forefront of likes.

Human example … Work diligently … The salary is the same as other people … But why does he eat white rice + boiled water + …

Posted by Apit Lid on Saturday, 6 March 2021

The only meaning here is that you look around you. As much as you can for the needy, do as much as you can. As the pot fills drop by drop, similarly a large population will be able to meet the needs of each person, if the capable people continue to fulfill their needs. This is the real like, comment and share.

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
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