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Seeing the efforts of these 5 people, it seems… people will continue to make efforts to get children to study

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The country is struggling with the second wave of Corona. Lockdown once again. Somewhere there is a night curfew and elsewhere there are restrictions. In such a situation, schools and colleges have once again started on the online path. In the midst of all this, some people are also adopting unique methods for the education of children, so that children’s studies are not affected.

Scooter made library

CH Srivastava, a resident of Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, is a government teacher. He has made a moving library on his scooter during lockdown. It has all the books related to the course as well as other essential books.

CH Srivastava says that most of the children using the library are from poor families. Their financial condition is not such that they can buy phones and laptops. In such a situation, he was missing his studies. Keeping this in mind, he prepared a small moving library.


In addition to books related to courses for children, books of stories and poems are also available in the library. Children are enjoying these books. This step of the teacher is being discussed a lot.

Library opened inside the police station

A Delhi Police officer has opened a library inside the police station for the education of poor children. The name of this SHO, who has taken a new initiative, is Rajesh Kumar, who is RK Kumar. Puram is posted in the police station. The SHO not only arranged the book in the library, but also inspired his colleagues to teach the children.

As a result, children come to the police station without any fear to take advantage of the library and do their studies. It is being told that 2300 books, Wi-Fi, more than 1900 magazines etc. have been arranged in the library created by the police officer. SHO Rajesh’s move on social media is being appreciated.

Library built on the closed government building

IAS officer Faiz Ak Ahmed Mumtaz has made a great effort to maintain the ethos of an education. He has established a library in a rural area of ​​Jamtara. Their aim is that the poor will be motive and will be able to do education.

To build the library, he installed 30 libraries of different panchayats in a closed government building. He says that it will provide better reading and children of poor rural families will get better books, which will help them in competitive examinations.


Books, chairs, tables and other items in this renovated building, library have been raised through crowd funding. A committee will be constituted and this library will be handed over to the villagers. The committee will take care of the care of the library.

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The restroom is made up of closed toilets, there is also a free library

In Ooty, Tamil Nadu, a man took the closed toilet building into a reuse. After this, together with the artist’s colleagues, this building was made into an art gallery. Now where the toilet was there, an art gallery has been made and people reach from far away to see the artwork there.

IAS officer Supriya Sahu has shared a video of this. The name of this gallery is The Gallery One Two. The local municipality also gave permission to convert this building into a gallery. The video shows how the picture is attached and people have reached there to see it.

This saloon in Tamil Nadu has a beautiful library of 1500 books

There is a barber shop in Tamil Nadu where you will also find a library. There are 1500 books in this library.

39-year-old P Pon Mariappan lives by this shop. According to the news of the New Indian Express, his salon in Milappuram became a topic of discussion in the city since last November. He gave a discount to the waiting customers to read the book from the library established in his year 2015.


His praise was not only in the street, but PM Modi himself praised him in the ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program. When Doordarshan employees invited him to the studio to speak on the radio program, on Thursday, Mariyappan did not know that the program was PM Modi’s Manathin Kural) radio program.

This clinic is open to patients for 24 hours, doctor’s fee is only 10 rupees.

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