Salute: fasts for 15 hours, travels 110 Km only so that COVID can see patients

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During the Mise Corona period, the power that has kept the expectations of the people is the humanity remaining within a few people. Two women doctors from Indore have presented one such example of humanity.

Dare not break

These two women doctors of Indore are made of different soil. She is also fasting for 15 hours and is traveling 110 km of autos during the cycle. He is concerned only about his patients. These two women doctors travel from Indore to Ujjain every day in between their fasts so that they can save their corona patients from this epidemic. We are talking here of Dr. Sobia Ansari and Dr. Rukhsar Sheikh, whose duty is in Madhav Nagar COVID Test Center in Ujjain. Testing facility is in this hospital in the city, due to which more patients reach here than other hospitals.

Tiredness comes down on seeing patients

Both doctors say that their fatigue goes away by looking at the patients. By the way, their duty is such that the body of a good good person is destroyed. They have to wake up every day at 3 am so that they can reach the hospital by 8 am. Along with duty, they also have to fulfill Roza. From morning to 2 in the afternoon, these two COVID take care of the patients for 6 consecutive hours. After this, again travel from Ujjain to Indore and return home at 4 pm.

Religion and karma play together


She is also performing the duty of human service in addition to pursuing her religion. Both pray first and then get engaged in the service of the patients. Dr.Sobia and Dr. Rukhsar joined the AYUSH Department under the National Health Mission 3 months ago. He wished that he should get a house in Ujjain so that he could have some rest but could not complete his thinking due to the curfew due to Corona. After this, the problem was that how would they travel from Indore to Ujjain every day because the buses were also closed. But it is said that wherever there is a will, a path is also found there. In such a situation, they also found a way and they talked to an auto driver who has been making the journey between Indore and Ujjain since then.

Former boxing champion, who was working for auto driving and hauling wheat, Anand Mahindra came to help

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
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