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Salute! A person from Vadodara is sending free food to the door so that the corona victims can be helped

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This is a time when the whole country is once again facing a terrible form of coronavirus. The second wave of this virus is continuously setting new records. As many as 185,248 new cases of infection were reported in the country by the night of 13 April 2021. At the same time, the condition of states like Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Punjab and UP is critical. Here, it is being advised to implement rules more strictly to prevent the spread of corona.

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In this troubled time, a person from Vadodara is presenting a new example by providing ‘Hygenic food’ to the Corona affected people. The benefit of this human service can be taken through direct messaging on Twitter. According to media reports, the name of this person who came forward to help people is Shubhal Shah.

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While giving information about his campaign, Shah wrote on Twitter, “We are with you in this COVID crisis. If your family is suffering from COVID-19, then we will deliver Hygenic Lunch and Dinner at your door with free safety. Please dm Do ”

This noble initiative of Shubhal Shah is also discussed on Twitter. What people are saying in their praise can be seen and read in some examples here:

Let me tell you, two yards and masks are necessary against the corona epidemic. Our carelessness is like inviting big trouble!

Discussion of Lockdown once again, do you know how much damage the economy is causing every week?

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