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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Question: Will the rivers of the Ganges also get infected by shedding the bodies of the COVID infected in the Ganges-Yamuna?

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For the past few days, there have been reports from different parts of the country that the infection of corona in villages is increasing rapidly. The situation has become frightening in many places. After the inundation of corpses in the Ganges river in UP and Bihar, some corpses were seen flowing in the Runj river of Madhya Pradesh. 46 bodies have been ejected from the Ganges in Ballia, UP. Earlier, on May 10, about 40 dead bodies were seen flowing in Buxar, Bihar. In the same way, the bodies of Yamuna flowing through Hamirpur in UP and Runj river flowing from Panna in Madhya Pradesh were also seen floating.


The special thing is that the corona of these bodies has been feared to be infected. So the biggest question is What water gets infected by the corpses of corona victims in the river:

Does water get infected by shedding bodies in rivers?

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Talking to ‘Dainik Bhaskar’, Dr. BL Sherwal, director of Delhi’s Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, while answering this question, says that no evidence has been found so far that the infected body can be spread by shedding it in the river. is. Yes, there is no doubt that river water pollutes by doing so. If people drink this polluted water then they may have stomach related problems.

After all, why are dead bodies being shed in rivers?


Some argue that the corona has spread in the villages. People are dying constantly. Due to the high number, burning of the last rites is not possible, so the bodies are being flown into the rivers. At the same time, some believe that during the Corona period, the price of wood has become very high. What should the poor poor do in such a situation? They do not have enough money to buy wood, so they drain the dead bodies in the river. Whatever be the reasoning, the excuse of dead bodies in rivers will not be rightly said. By stopping this, pollution can be reduced to a minimum.

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