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Thursday, October 21, 2021

IRS-IAS officers formed teams for students across the country, have helped hundreds of students

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In the second web of Corona, people from every sector are worried. Sick people are worried, their families, family and relatives are all worried. In such a situation, those students who are away from their home and preparing for competitive examinations in different corners of the country, are facing different challenges. But, in this difficult time, they have been joined by the officials of the Indian Revenue Service IRS.

IRS officials are helping stranded or sick students in different states. They are providing food, medicine, books and other necessities.

Shashank Shekhar Singh, a 2017 batch IRS officer, has taken up the task. He has formed a team with his batchmates and seniors and is helping the students.

Talking to Businesslend, Shashank says, one day the students who were away from home got the idea. They will also need help. In this way, he formed a volunteer group with his batchmates and IRS Chetan Sharma, Harikesh Singh and 2017 batch IAS Anand Sharma, Delhi Zoo director Ramesh Pandey. Many seniors and batchmates were added to it.

Started on 24-25 April

These people started it on April 24-25. So far 1000 calls have been made to needy children and help has reached 200 students. Work is being done for the rest. They are getting calls from Tripura to Jammu and Kashmir, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Bengal and UP.

Understand the pain of students

He says that he too has been a student for a time and he knows what Struggle’s time is like. Looking at this, the group was formed and has now come forward to help the students.

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