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IPL 2021: Eight players, who single-handedly have the power to win the team by their leadership and game

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The start of IPL 2021 has started. Fans of all teams are expecting better performance from their team. At the same time, all eight teams are ready to put their full strength to the title of IPL 2021, in which the importance of the captain of every team becomes very important. Talking about this season, the captain of all the eight teams has that ability, who can win the match to his team on the basis of his strategy and game.

1. Eoin Morgan, Kolkata Knight Riders


Kolkata Knight Riders are in the hands of England captain Eoin Morgan. Eoin Morgan is an experienced player and is also a good batsman. Who will play an important role in bringing the team to the title. Last season too, Eoin Morgan captained a few matches. He contributed 418 runs in IPL 2020 playing 14 matches. Morgan has played 66 matches in the IPL so far. During this time, he has scored 1272 runs. Eoin Morgan qualifies his team to win the match while batting in the middle order. The team and their fans also have high hopes from them.

2. Sanju Samson Rajasthan Royals

Sanju Samson AFP

This season, Rajasthan Royals have reposed full confidence in their star and young batsman Sanju Samson. Sanju Samson may not have the experience of captaincy, but his aggressive batting can blow the bowlers of any team. Sanju is a player who can single-handedly win a team match. He has also won many matches to Rajasthan Royals by playing many jitau innings. Sanju Samson had played many explosive innings in the previous season as well. In IPL 2020, Sanju played 14 matches and scored 375 runs at a brilliant strike rate of 158.0. Sanju Samson has played a total of 107 matches in the Indian Premier League. In the meantime they 2584 runs Are made Which includes 2 centuries and 13 half-centuries.

3. Rishabh Pant, Delhi Daredevils

Rishabh PantBCCL

Rishabh is captaining the Delhi Daredevils this season. ThoseHe also does not have the experience of captaincy but there is no doubt that Rishabh is a great wicketkeeper batsman. His superb batting plays an important role in winning the match to his team. After getting the command of the team, Rishabh Pant has more responsibilities on him. Rishabh was also a part of Delhi Daredevils team last season. He scored 343 runs in 14 matches. Rishabh still in IPL 2079 runs from 68 matches Have been made His strike rate is also 151.97. He has that ability in him that he can win his team many matches on his own with his best game.

4. Lokesh Rahul, Kings xi Punjab

KL Rahul YOU

Indian cricket’s star batsman Lokesh Rahul will also lead the Punjab Kings this season. Last season, the team did not show any special feat. The team was at number 6 in the points table. The team had won 6 matches in 14 matches. Lokesh Rahul was first in the list of batsmen who scored the most runs in IPL 2020. He achieved the Purple Cap. Scored 670 playing 14 matches. Were. Which includes 1 century and 5 half-centuries.

In IPL 2019 too, he was second in the list of most runs scored. Rahul scored 593 runs after playing 14 matches. At the same time, in IPL 2018, he scored 659 runs after playing 14 matches and achieved the third number. Rahul has so far scored 2647 runs in 81 matches playing 81 matches, including 2 centuries and 21 half-centuries. If we look at these figures, we can say that Lokesh Rahul single-handedly has the ability to win the match to his team.

5. Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Chennai superkings

ms-dhoni-csk chennai super kingsBCCI

Since the beginning of the Chennai Super Kings, the former and veteran player of the Indian team has been with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He has also won three titles to the team on the basis of his ability. But last season, his team could not do anything amazing and was at number seven in the points table. Despite this, Dhoni is such a player who, on the basis of his strategy and sports, is capable of giving the team not only the match but also the title of this season.

Last season, Mahendra Singh Dhoni scored 200 runs after playing 14 matches. At the same time, in the IPL, MS Dhoni has scored 4632 runs, playing a total of 204 matches. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has been playing the role of the finest finisher of his team. He has won many stranded matches very easily. In such a situation, the team and their fans have high expectations from them this season as well.

6. David Warner


Sunrisers Hyderabad will be captained by veteran Australian player David Warner this season. Warner, on the basis of his strategy and superb batting, is capable of giving the team not only the match but the title. Last season, under his leadership, the team managed to make it to the Quarter Finals. The team was third in the points table. Last season, Warner also played several innings. He scored 548 runs in 16 matches.

Warner was third on the list of highest run-scorers in IPL 2020. Warner still in IPL 5254 playing 142 matches Is scored. This includes 4 centuries and 48 half-centuries. He is at number three in the list of most runs in IPL. Warner’s quick batting can spoil the rhythm of the bowlers of any team. He has the ability to win the team on his own. The team and their fans also have high expectations from them.

7. Rohit Sharma

Rohit SharmaBCCL

Rohit Sharma is also in command of Mumbai Indians this time. The team has done better under his leadership. Last season, Mumbai also named itself. At the same time, Mumbai Indians have won the title in the IPL for the most number of times. In which Rohit Sharma has contributed a lot. Rohit Sharma is the most successful captain in the IPL, and with this, he has the ability to win the match to the team on the basis of his stormy batting.

Last season, Rohit Sharma scored 332 runs in 12 matches. At the same time, in the IPL, Rohit Sharma has scored 5249 runs while playing 201 matches. He is at the fourth position in the list of highest run-scorers in the IPL. Rohit Sharma’s experience and his superb batting alone makes the team capable of winning the match and there are high expectations from the team and their fans.

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8. Virat Kohli

virat-kohli-RCB-Royal Challengers Bangalore IPL

The captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore team is also with the captain of the Indian team this time Virat Kohli. Even though Virat’s team has not been able to name a single title in the IPL. But under his excellent batting and leadership, the team has won many matches. With Kohli’s experience and play, the team will be fully ready to win the title this time. Last season, Virat Kohli scored 466 runs after playing 15 matches.

At the same time, Kohli holds the first place in the list of most runs in IPL. Kohli achieved the Purple Cap in the Indian Premier League 5911 playing 193 matches. Has scored. Which includes 5 centuries and 39 half-centuries. If you look at the figures, Kohli single-handedly qualifies the team to win the match. The team and their fans are also expecting better performance from them.

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