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IAS Ramvir Singh: Farmer’s son, who worked hard to become an officer, still works on fields after duty

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Usually, you would have seen officers doing their duty. On many occasions, he would have been seen as being honoured for his excellent work. But do you know any IAS officer who regularly works in the fields along with administrative responsibilities? if not! So you should meet Ramveer Singh posted in the post of District Administrative Complex Sangrur, Punjab in Sangrur.

Recently, this officer was seen harvesting wheat crop. DC Sahib surprised everyone by cutting wheat on the fields with cotton cloth on his face and a stick in his hand. Ramvir Singh also keeps a cow in his government residence, so that he can extract milk from his hands. Ramveer Singh believes that human beings should never forget their base.

A person should remember where he comes from. It is the duty of every farmer family’s son to preserve soil and farming. This is why whenever he gets time from government duty, he likes to spend time in his fields. Let me tell you, Ramvir Singh comes from a farmer family and on his own he has decided to travel from a common boy of the village to become an IAS officer. He is now becoming an example by taking time to harvest with the administration service.

representational picturerepresentational picture

Let me tell you, Ramvir Singh, born in Jhajjar, Haryana, comes from a farmer family. His father was a public servant, but after retirement he was associated with farming. After completing his BA, MA in Political Science from JNU, Delhi, Ramveer took an MPhil degree in Security Relations. Together they prepared themselves for civil services. Finally, by becoming the 2009 batch IAS, he brightened his family name. He got his first appointment on 31 August 2009.

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