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Heroes: The boy from Lucknow who is delivering ration and medicines to the homes of COVID patients

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When heartbreaking pictures are shown from the phone to the TV in the atmosphere of Corona, then some such pictures also come out which gives an example of the survival of humanity. In this difficult time of the epidemic, there are many people who move out of their homes to help the poor and the destitute. These people are heroes in a real sense, who work among the people on the streets, not on big screens. Nakul Goswami is one such He is the name of the real hero, who is helping people day and night even in this phase of transition.

How are you helping in the Corona era? Nakul?

Nakul Goswami

Nakul Goswami, 37, a resident of Alam Bagh in Surya Nagar, Lucknow, has studied MSc IT. When the lockdown-like situation came back due to Corona and once again everything was closed, Nakul did not hesitate to get out of the house to help the poor and helpless people. During this time, he is working from door to door to deliver food and medicines to the corona-infected people (who cannot go out of the house). His other companions are also helping in this work. He has already helped more than 200 households.

Nakul Businesslend Talking to said, “Tell me the ability to feel the pain of others or something … It inspires me to help people. I know what causes pain and discomfort. That’s why I can’t see anyone else passing by. I have a problem. “

Special love is also given to animals, Adopted 11 dogs

Nakula GoswamiNakul Goswami

Concerned over the deaths from Corona every day, Nakul said, “3 people died in my friend’s house.” His brother is PCS but still could not find a place in the hospital. Only 8 people died in my knowledge from Corona. This is all very disturbing. It is my endeavor that I can help as many of the needy as possible. ”

Along with humans, Nakul also has a special attachment with animals. He adopts the Stray Dogs and takes care of them. He has 11 dogs, one of which is handicapped. Says Nakul, “Sometimes some children get separated from their mother, then I bring them back to their mother. But when their mother is not found, then I adopt them or give them to someone like that, Who wants to adapt. ‘

Nakula GoswamiNakul Goswami

Expressing concern over the current state of COVID-19 across the country Nakul says, “According to the Ministry of Health, there is a continuous decrease in daily new cases in Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Jharkhand, Telangana, Chandigarh, and Ladakh. But I believe the situation on the ground is still not right. “

Nakul further said, “People in hospitals are constantly struggling for medicine, oxygen and beds. Those who have lost their loved ones during this corona period, will never forget this time. We need this time of epidemic. There is a need to face it together. Everything cannot be left behind by the government and the administration. We have to step up to defeat Corona. “

At the end of the conversation, Nakul says that he prays to God that this phase should be over as soon as possible.

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