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Get vaccinated or not? If these questions are coming in my mind then my story can help you

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My name is Bharat Kumar Tiwari, I am 27 years old. When the COVID vaccination drive started on May 1, I also booked my slot from the COWIN website and got the first dose of the vaccine. Here is my complete journey…

The booking slot is not less than the Tatkal ticket

As soon as the slot booking started on Cowin, the entire website was crushed, due to visiting so many people simultaneously. Also, it was not known whether slots were available in the district or not. After all, I waited till 1 May evening and kept watching the slots in many nearby districts again and again. Finally, in the East Delhi district of Delhi, I got a 2 pm slot that belonged to a government school in Ashok Nagar.

Being online made the process easier

Although booking is like lottery system but when we go to the Vacation Center, it gets a lot of benefit. Due to the slot, there was not much crowd and the people who were comfortable were engaged in the far-off line. The window I had to go to was completely empty. That’s why I got vaccinated within just 2 minutes. Soon after the vaccination, the SMS arrived saying that you have already had the first dose of Covishield, you can download your certificate from the Cowin website.

How did you spend 24 hours after the vaccine?

After getting the vaccine, everyone was instructed that they have to stay inside the campus for 30 minutes. All the people were going to their house after 30 minutes and there was no such case that anyone had any problem. I also came home after being in campus for 30 minutes. I had no problem for 6 hours after coming home. Both me and my elder brother Piyush Kumar Tiwari (who went to get the vaccine with me), started preparing for dinner. By then, a slight pain started in the right hand of the elder brother, which I also joked that the vaccine is in the left hand, so why the pain in the other hand?

Exactly after 1 hour I started feeling like I am going to get fever now. However, while applying the vaccine, I was told to eat paracetamol if there was a fever. But it was not known that after vaccination, there would be pain in every joint of the body and you would feel immense weakness. Alam, it happened within a few hours that I was taking 4-5 minutes to walk to the washroom. Well, both of us took paracetamol and drank glucose several times in hot water. Still did not get much rest. The pain started in the bones near the neck, and slowly started in every limb. Panic ensued when something inside the chest was feeling hot and breath was on fire. Around 7 o’clock in the morning, there was a lot of sweating, after which there was some relief and sleep.

The fever subsided a bit, but the weakness was getting very high, I took leave from the office and decided how to be cured today.

Doctor advice

First of all I consulted the doctor, then he told that you should eat proper before getting the vaccine. Also, if you have recovered from the corona a few days before getting the vaccine, then you should have waited more. ‘Well, just include fruit in the diet and keep yourself hydrated.’ I did exactly that. Even the mouth test was gone with fever, yet I started eating forcefully and drank a lot of water. In addition, paracetamol also continued to take half-tablets. After about 36 hours, it seemed that now I am feeling better. Now just where the injection was, there was pain.

Dare to be with brother

I will only say that if you are going to get the vaccine and live alone, then call a friend or family member or you can go there yourself. I am saying this because a phase came with me, where I thought what would happen now! But, when we were big brothers together, we got courage and we crossed the stage comfortably.

It is possible that many negative thoughts start coming in your mind. Like if the center you went to has not been there, or whether I got the right dose or not. Seeing the condition of hospitals, panic increases in the same way.

Environment after vaccine

Now whenever the data shows that people taking the vaccine are 80% safe, it seems that I took the dose at the beginning of the vaccination drive. Now I am helping my friends and friends to book slots because this is the biggest weapon to defeat Corona. Also, I would like you to prepare yourself before you get vaccinated, eat well, drink water, stop drinking alcohol before 1 week as stated in the guidelines. Even after getting the vaccine, follow all the rules and contact the doctor directly if there is any problem, keep yourself positive so that the corona becomes negative forever.

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