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Change of normal cycle into solar cycle, neither worry about petrol nor pollution

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Today, the prices of diesel and petrol are touching the sky and this is having a direct impact on the pockets of the people. While people are blaming the government and administration for this problem, many people are looking for a solution. As has been done by Raju Mupparapu, a resident of Telangana. He has converted it into a normal bicycle, turning it into a solar-powered bicycle. So that he can easily go anywhere.

Raju Mupparapu, 31, a resident of Gopalapuram village in the Warangal district, runs a small tool workshop of his own. Where he also keeps innovating in various ways. He says that his father worked as an electrician and his influence on Raju has been there since childhood. Therefore, Raju always thinks of doing something different. Seeing the ever-increasing prices of petrol, he felt that he should build something so that he would not have to depend on a motorcycle, scooter or car to cover a short distance.

We have the cheapest and environmentally friendly mode of transport – bicycle. However, you cannot travel long distances with a normal bicycle. For this, the use of electric bicycle is right. However, the price of electric bicycle found in the market is very high. Therefore, buying them is not enough for everyone. In such a situation, Raju thought that he would have to do something that would give people an energy-efficient bicycle at a lower cost.

Made solar-powered bicycle:

Solar Bicycle

Talking to The Better India, Raju said that he made a model of his solar cycle by making a few changes to a normal bicycle. He explains, “I have used solar panels and a 12-vault battery in it. The battery is charged through the solar panel and drives a 24-volt DC motor mounted on the cycle. If the battery is not able to charge even when the sun is not in the sun, then you can use it like a normal bicycle. ”

Raju says that once charged, this cycle can run from 20 to 25 km and has a top speed of 25 km per hour. He told, “If you have to go to work somewhere in your city, then this solar cycle is a good option. Because, this will save your petrol money. And if you are thinking of buying a scooter or bike, then you can take this solar bicycle instead. Because, its price is very low compared to the rest of the electric bicycles. The cost of designing a solar cycle comes to nine thousand rupees and I am giving it to the customers at the cost of 10 thousand rupees. ”

Also, he further says that he is trying to reduce the price of solar cycle. On which he is working and he hopes that he will be able to reduce the price of it by three to four thousand rupees.

Raju has so far made this bicycle for six more people besides himself. One of his clients, Nampally Rajkumar, says, “I have converted my old bicycle from Raju into a solar cycle and it is doing very well. Even if two people are sitting on a bicycle, it still runs at 20 km / h. Now you do not feel tired even while traveling long distances because most of the time you do not need to hit the pedal yourself. If the cycle is fully charged, you can run it for 30-40 km. ”

Solar Bicycle

This solar cycle is inexpensive and more effective as well as being environmentally friendly. This will not only reduce your expenditure on petrol and diesel, but the more you use the bicycle, the more you will contribute to reduce pollution.

Have also made more inventions:

This is not the first time Raju has done something different. For many years, Raju has been continuously trying to find solutions to common problems with the help of technology. Earlier, he had also built a solar powered ‘phone charging booth’ for public areas such as bus stands. This allows commuters to charge their phone. Realizing the problems of the farmers of his village, he has also made many innovative machines for them like ‘Weed Cutter’, ‘Solar Pesticide Sprayer’, ‘Solar Powered Multipurpose Grass Cutter Machine’ and ‘Light Dependent Resistor Sensor’ etc.

His ‘light dependent resistor sensor’ has gained considerable recognition. This sensor has been installed in more than 100 villages of the district. He explains, “This device works with sensors. It comes to know when it has light and when it has become dark. If this device is fitted with a transformer, with the help of this sensor, it automatically turns the streetlights on and off. ”

Solar Bicycle

Raju often saw that the streetlights were still on in his village in the morning and no one wanted to bother to turn them off. Which wasted energy. However, after this device is installed, the streetlight automatically turns on at night and turns off automatically in the morning. He first installed this device in his village, where it was successful. After this, the administration installed them and 100 gram panchayats. So that the energy wastage is being prevented due to the neglect of the people.

He finally states that his purpose is to work for the good of the people. This is just the beginning. He has to work further in which he is engaged. You can message them at 9502855858 to contact them.

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