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Bike ambulance grandfather is no less than the messiah, has served thousands of people for free, has made hospital a home

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Karimul Haque aka ‘Bike Ambulance Dada’. Karimul Haque, a resident of Jalpaiguri in West Bengal, is no less than a messiah. He has helped hundreds of people living in the districts around him for the last decade.

He claims that he has given bike ambulance service to about 4 thousand people for free. A clinic also runs for free in his slum-like house. Along with the health check-up of the people, medicines are also available.

Karimul has also helped the needy to teach their children to build homes. He is also building a three-storey hospital on his ancestral land near his home.

He says that his mother suffered a heart attack. He tried a lot, but no resources were found. The treatment was not received on time and the mother died. After this, he vowed that he would not let anyone else die like this.

He joined the healthcare after this. Initially, he used to help people with whatever he found in the rickshaw-jamming. In the meantime, one of his companions fell on his patrol and took someone’s bike and brought it to the hospital. Just here, he got the idea of ​​bike ambulance.

karimul haqueKarimul Haque

Karimul arranged for an old ambassador bike and started working. However, he was injured in an accident and the bike was also no longer in a position to be built. After this, with the help of people, he took another bike in the year 2009. With this, he made his free ambulance service even better.

Initially many people used to taunt them. Used to bother them. But, f Karimul did not give up. Kept working continuously Gradually, people understood his importance. In 2017, the Central Government honored him with the Padma Shri.

karimul haqueKarimul Haque

It is said that Karimul’s work had an impact on Bollywood. He is preparing to become a film soon. His scripting is done. Now preparations are being made to make a film.

Last Saturday, when PM Narendra Modi arrived to address an election rally in Jalpaiguri, West Bengal, before that he met Karimul. Both of them hugged each other. Modi praised his work.

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