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Baby in the lap, light on the head … This picture tells a lot, people flared on Goenka’s salute!

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Some of the pictures are shocking inside. One such picture is becoming viral on social media these days. This picture is being told of a wedding ceremony. In it, a groom is seen riding on a mare, on the other side there is a mother who, with the help of clothes, hangs her child on the shoulder and has a road light on her head. This picture must have been taken while she was walking behind the groom

Harsh Goenka, Chairman of RPG Group, shared this picture on Twitter, after which it has been in constant discussion. Social media has been divided into two factions with this picture. According to one section, this picture shows the greatness of a mother, who can work hardest for her child and family. At the same time, the other class is telling this picture a shameful truth of society.

There are some people in the midst of all this, who are trolling Harsh Goenka fiercely for this picture. Actually, Harsh wrote while sharing this picture, “Sometimes I feel that I work too hard. That’s when I see this picture. My salute!


Now, who is right, who is wrong? You decide it yourself. Here are the reactions of some people, with the help of which it can be understood that what are their feelings about this picture?

What is your opinion about this picture?

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By: TheBetterIndia

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