Assam: became an innovator by fixing bad radio, got national award

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27-year-old Nabjit Bharali, who lives in Dhemaji, Assam, holds a Masters degree in ‘Philosophy’. After completing his studies, he joined the transportation business. But apart from this, he also has an identity as an inventor. Nabjeet has created a ‘silk reeling and spinning machine’ for silk workers and an ‘automated wheelchair’ for the differently-abled. Nabjeet has also received an award by the National Innovation Foundation for his innovation. While talking to The Better India, he told about his journey.

He said that his attachment to machines happened to him when he saw his elder brother. In his childhood, he used to see that people bring him to his brother to get their bad, radio, TV etc. corrected. A small workshop was built by his brother in the house, where he used to do all these things. He explains, “In that workshop I was not allowed to go or touch anything.” I used to watch them from far away. Then Bhaiya joined the Indian Army and had to go for duty. Just as he left, I started to see everything by touching everything in the workshop. ”

Gradually, he began to understand the language of machines and like his brother, he started correcting people’s bad radio and TV. But Nabjit was not limited to the identity of the mechanic but he wanted to do more than that. And from there, his journey to becoming an inventor began.

Silk reeling and spinning machine:

Model of silk reeling and spinning machine designed in collaboration with NIF

He further states that he comes from an area in Assam where silk weaving is done in almost every household. He always watched his mother fill the bobbins with silk thread for hours. This work was done by hand and it used to take a lot of time for his mother. Realizing her mother’s pain, she decided to make something that would take less effort in this task. Nabjit was in the sixth grade when he started working on a ‘reeling machine’ for silk.

He explained, “It took about an hour to fill a bobbin with silk thread by hand. But with the machine I made, a bobbin is ready in just five minutes. Previously I made different machine prototypes for coral and eri silk. This made the work easy and also saved time. ” By the time he came to class XII, he had made two types of ‘reeling machine’ and one ‘spinning machine’. These machines are automatic and made silk work much easier.

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His mother, Anita Bharali, states that he has worked on his son’s machine for about 12 years. 58-year-old Anita said, “From the machines available in the market, the machines made by Nabjeet are much cheaper and more effective. The work also gets done very easily and in a short time. Earlier, when we used to make silk yarn, a lot of time used to go by. Fatigue was also enough. But, ever since the spinning machine was found, all the hard work was over. ”

Assam Innovator
A model of spinning machine

Nabjit further says that his machine got a lot of encouragement in the beginning as well. He also built this machine, for about 25–30 people. When his machine received good response, he sent all information about this invention by email to NIF in the first year of his college. The NIF team helped him further improve his invention and at the same time, filed a patent for his invention. He says, “There was a time when the people around started saying the wrong kind of things. He said that I made a machine by copying it from somewhere. I started getting very frustrated. So, when I got a chance to join the National Innovation Foundation, they encouraged me to move forward. Then I felt that I was on the right path. ”

The NIF team says that when they tried the machines made by Nabjeet, the machines proved to be very effective. Therefore, they, together with IIT Guwahati and IIIT Manipur, are working on making this machine more advanced.

Automated Wheelchairs:

Assam Innovator
Automated Wheelchairs

Nabjeet has also created an ‘Automated Wheelchair’ after ‘Silk Reeling and Spinning Machine’. He says that after joining ‘Honey Bee Network’, he got very encouraged and once again got ready to do something new. He had the idea of ​​creating a wheelchair in his mind that would work with sensors. He said, “I once saw in the market that a disabled person was trying to cross the road sitting on a wooden platform with four wheels under it. I saw that one of his wheels got stuck in the pit and he got in a lot of trouble. The people who came and went shouted at him. Then for the first time I thought what can I do for them? ”

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After this incident, he once went to a charity event. Some tricycles were given tricycles there. But, he realized that everyone is differently abled and they need different means. He says, “From there, the idea came to my mind that I should make something that would make it easier for Divyang to move from one place to another. For this, I made my first prototype of a wheelchair with three wheels. I used children’s bicycle parts for this and it cost about five thousand rupees. ”

Assam Innovator
Got national award

Later, in collaboration with NIF, he made a better version with four wheels. A person using this wheelchair can control it only with his body weight. If you want to bend it somewhere, all you have to do is tilt your body in that direction and your weight sensor will turn this wheelchair. This wheelchair can run at a speed of 40 km / h and parts of it can also be disassembled and retrofitted.

Apart from this, he has made many more inventions such as ‘Smart Hand Gloves’, ‘Paddy Thrasher’ and ‘Smart Anti-theft Lock’. He explains that the ‘smart anti-theft lock’ can only be opened with a certain key. If anyone tries to open it with some other key or something, then the alarm starts ringing, the sound of which can be heard within a radius of 100 meters. Also, a phone call alert will be sent to the person whose number you have inserted in your lock. At the same time, he has created Paddy Thrasher to ease the work of paddy growing farmers.

In 2017, he received the ‘Grassroots Innovation Award’ for both of his inventions. Subsequently, he was also awarded the ‘Business Model Award’ at the ‘Open Innovation and Business Model Competition’ organized by the Society of Open Innovation Technology. Tushar Garg, working as a scientist in NIF, says that all ideas of Nabjit are for the good of the people. This is the specialty of his innovation that he wants people to solve their problem.

Nabjit says that with the help of NIF, he has filed a patent for both his ‘silk reeling and spinning machine’ and ‘automated wheelchair’ innovation. As soon as he gets a patent, he will market his innovation on a large scale so that it can reach more and more people.

You can email them at for more information.

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