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Anything for campaigning in UP! Many candidates are pasting their posters and pamphlets on dogs

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Preparations for the panchayat elections are in full swing in the growing cases of corona in UP. Due to Corona’s increasing infection, candidates are expected to exercise caution in campaigning. However, some pictures coming from different areas of the state are bending the head. In the process of attracting voters, candidates are not only flouting the COVID rules, but are also putting humanity in the dock by their propaganda methods.

In Rae Bareli and Ballia districts, all the limits were crossed. Here some candidates used stray dogs for their election campaign. Some candidates pasted their posters and pamphlets on dogs and let them roam around. It is being argued that this is a good idea and voters are attracted to such innovations. There is also no such rule in the code of conduct, which prohibits the use of dogs during publicity.

These posters appealing for votes on the bodies of dogs are now in discussion. Some animal lovers objected to this and described it as inhumane. Talking to news agency IANS, Animal Activist Reena Mishra posed the question that how would a person feel if such posters are pasted on the face of the campaign. Dogs can’t do anything. This does not mean that there is freedom for such treatment with him.

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Panchayat elections are to be held in four phases in UP. Votes will be cast on 15, 19, 26 and 29 April, while the results will be out on 2 May. The nomination of the candidates has been done. Seeing the increasing cases of Corona, it seemed that panchayat elections could be postponed. A petition was also filed in the High Court regarding this, while hearing Justice Govind Mathur and SS Shamsheri said that the state government has issued a code of conduct regarding the panchayat elections. In such a situation, it is not right to stop it. According to you Should elections be postponed amid growing Corona cases?

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