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Advocated degree, work inventor, got ‘Drone Man of India’ name from Dr. Kalam

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The 29-year-old Milind Raj, who lives in Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, is also known by many as ‘Drone Man of India’. He got this name as former President of India and scientist himself. It was given by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. In the year 2014, Dr. Kalam saw his drone made and he was very impressed with him. At the same time, he gave this name to Milind. Because, Dr. Kalam was very impressed by Milind’s hard work and his brilliant tricks.

Standing up to this name, Milind has been continuously creating different types of drones and robots for the last several years. Their drones and robots are also in demand in the industry and at the same time, from time to time, their drones are also showing the example of humanity. Yes, Milind believes that if science and technology are used in the right place and in the right ways, then it can prove to be a boon for all of us. Which Milind has also proved many times. Once, with the help of his drone, he had rescued a dog trapped in a sewer. At the same time, during the Corona epidemic, he created several ‘sanitization drones’. Sometime back, he has created a robot that takes full care of his Divya bitch.

While talking to The Better India, Milind elaborated on his entire journey.

Milind Raj

Used to make aeroplanes with thermocol in childhood:

Milind says that he loves technology since childhood. All the toys that came to them in childhood, they tried to make something new from them, by opening them all up and separating their parts. He says that he was in the sixth or seventh grade, when he built a ship from a thermocol and flew. No one in his family was expected to make such things. But Milind’s different thinking surprised everyone. Milind used to read science and technology related books, journals and magazines, etc. during his school-college days.

He explains, “I studied management science and legal studies and, together, worked on my drones and robots. My degree was completed in 2015 but, a year before that, I met Kalam sir. They saw and launched my drones. At the same time, he named me ‘Drone Man of India’. Not only this name, but also the purpose of my life, I got it from Kalam sir. He told me that if your thinking is for the next 10-20 years, then work on education. Teach children what you know so that they will emerge as a positive change in the future. ”

Met kalam

So after studying, Milind did not take up a job but started his own company and robotics club – ‘Robo’s World’. He says, “I received an award of five lakh rupees from the Uttar Pradesh government for my invention. I started my company with the same prize money. Today through my company, I am making different types of drones and robots. Who are reaching out to foreign companies as well as India. ” Milind’s team currently has eight people and the most interesting thing is that there are many of them who have not done any technical studies.

He laughed and said, “Some people become engineers by studying, but some people are born as engineers. Me and my partner are probably from other types of people. ” Pervez Qadir, who has been working with him for the last five years, has not done any schooling. Before working with Milind, he used to do some farming. But today he is working as an artisan in the company. He designs all products. Parvez says, “My life has got a new direction by working in this place. It is nothing short of a dream and I am happy that every day I am able to do something to improve the lives of others. ”

Help from drone:

In addition to making drones and robots for companies, Milind also uses technology to solve problems around him. In 2018, he saved the life of a small dog trapped in a 20 feet deep gully. He says that when he came to know that a dog had fallen into the sewer, he first thought of how to take out that idiotic animal. It was difficult to get him out of the sewer. But, if he was not removed, he could have lost his life as well. In such a situation, Milind did the same, in which he is an expert.

He took the help of technology and built a ‘robotic arm’ in just six-seven hours, using ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in one of his drones. He also put a ‘heartbeat sensor’ in it. After this, he approaches the drain with his technique and takes out the trapped dog with the help of a drone and robotic arm. He explains, “By having a heartbeat censor, I kept discovering that when the robotic arm lifted the dog, its grip was not very strong. Because, if it were, the dog could suffocate. With Milind’s technique, the dog came out in a few minutes and saved his life. ”

Subsequently, in 2020, to prevent the spread of corona virus infection during the lockdown, the emphasis was on sanitizing public spaces, Milind designed a drone that could fly eight kilometers in the air and be sure Can sanitize the place. He says, “You can operate this drone from a computer by sitting in one place and it can sanitize a very large area in a few hours. We sanitized many places and thousands of vehicles in our area with its help. ”

He has named this drone as ‘sanitizer drone’. He further states that during the process of sanitization from the drone, he also rescued an injured bitch. He named this bitch ‘Jojo’. He said, “While we were doing sanitization, I saw a white colored thing appearing in the camera of the drone. When I went to that place, I saw that a bitch was almost in an unhappy condition. At that time there was no exit in the street, so nobody noticed it. So, I brought it with me. ”

Milind kept Jojo in a room in his lab. But, within two-three days, he understood that Jojo is very much afraid of him and she is unable to understand his words either. Therefore, he took Jojo to a vet. There the doctor told him that Jojo might have been killed a lot, due to which his sight and hearing power is very low and his brain is also affected. Also, Jojo has a lot of fear towards humans.

He went on to say, “I tried hard at first to be able to befriend him and feed him well.” But Jojo was very scared and as soon as she felt the presence of a human being, she would start doing strange things. So, I arranged for her to stay in a room. I also put a camera in the room so that it could be monitored. But, many times she did not eat food and kept lying silently. Then I thought I had to do something. ”

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Milind once again created a robot, using technology. This robot takes full care of Jojo, feeds him and constantly monitors Jojo. Milind explains, “Jojo also got into the habit of robots for a long time. Now he is comfortable with the robot when he realizes that there is no threat from the robot. When the robot gives him food, he eats and if he ever faces any danger, he hides behind the robot. Now the doctor says that Jojo’s condition is improving with regular eating and drinking. ”

Robotics Club started for children:

Along with his company, he is also running a ‘robotics club’ for children. Here he teaches ‘robotics’ to school children. Milind says that he has two batches of children. In a batch, children from affluent families come, who can pay fees. At the same time, in the second batch we teach children who are from needy families and cannot pay fees. He explained, “The distinction between the poor and the rich in us can be reduced only by education. Therefore, whatever we earn from the fees of one batch, we invest it in the education of the children of the second batch so that the talent of the children of every level can be enhanced. ”

Milind Raj is also working on many different drones to solve daily problems. He has also been awarded the ‘Young Achiever’ Award in 2017. Milind says that he is trialing many of his robots and drones, which can prove to be helpful in the field of education and medicine. Of course, Milind Raj’s work and talent are admirable. Hopefully, many people will take inspiration from them and move forward.

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