A video changed the fate of 10-year-old dynasty selling socks, Punjab CMs came forward to help

Children read, play, be happy, that’s all the parents want. They do not put much burden on them, but if life itself has put the responsibilities on their delicate shoulders, then what should the children do. Such children will do what the 10-year-old dynasty of Ludhiana started doing. Leaving books by hand, started selling socks on the streets. Like children, this poverty makes many children grow up before age, but the fate of the offspring is better than the rest.

Used to quit work

10-year-old Vansh Singh of Haibowal area of ​​Punjab was spending his life in poverty with his family. Abdominal hunger and the vital needs of life forced him to snatch books from his hands and sell socks on a rotating rate. Even though the dynasty was poor in circumstances, but luck turned out to be rich. He continued to sell socks on the streets of his city till the day he himself did not receive the call of Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh.

Chief Minister came forward for help

The sorrowful time of the dynasty lasted until his fate had turned. One day his fortunes were reversed and the Chief Minister of Punjab himself came forward to help him. Now the dynasty will not sell socks, instead he will go to school and study because now the entire responsibility of his education has been taken by the Amarinder Singh government of Punjab. Not only this, for the financial help of the dynasty and his family, the state government has also announced to give them 2 lakh rupees immediately.

A few years ago, due to the poverty of the family of the dynasty, his school was missed. To help the family, he along with his father started selling socks on the streets of Ludhiana. People would be happy to see his hard work, but his condition would make everyone unhappy. Now no matter how sad anyone is, what could a common man give to this child in addition to a few rupees in exchange for socks. But there was something better written in the fate of the dynasty. His hands had to hold the books again, he had to go to school again to read and for this, luck itself opened the way. A few days ago, a video of the dynasty went viral in which he was selling socks on the street and was telling his compulsions to the questioners. This video went straight to Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh while traveling on social media. After this CM’s heart melted and he came forward to help the dynasty.

Childhood of dynasty will return

After watching the video, CM talked to Vansh and his family over a video call. CM told the dynasty that he would go to school again and study whole heartedly. CM also asked the dynasty about his brother and sister. After this, the Chief Minister immediately took the initiative to help the dynasty and ordered the Deputy Commissioner of Ludhiana to arrange for his education. The CM has announced that the dynasty will now go to school again and the state government will bear all the expenses of its education.

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
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