80% of Indians have vitamin D deficiency, immunity is affected, sunlight is important

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Gradually heat is increasing. To avoid harsh sunlight and scorching heat, many of us may be thinking of resorting to sunscreen. We might even avoid getting out of the house for fear of melanoma. But, do you know that going away from the sun means depriving yourself of an important nutrient, Vitamin D And Immunity.

According to a study by the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care, 80 percent of Indians are deficient in vitamin D. The study also found that among different subgroups, the prevalence of vitamin D deficiency occurs differently. In India, vitamin D deficiency is present in almost all school children, 74 percent of pregnant women and up to 67 percent of infants.

Vitamin D, also known as ‘Sunshine Vitamin’. It is a prohormone, which is produced when the body is exposed to sunlight. It has long been believed that it helps to keep bones and muscles healthy.

But recently, researchers have discovered that the role of vitamin D is much more than that. It is being reported that vitamin D is very important for the heart. It reduces the risk of many types of cancer and diabetes and maintains immunity, in addition to keeping the muscles fit. Vitamin D helps protect our body against seasonal flu-like infections and reduces the risk of respiratory infections. On the other hand, vitamin D deficiency affects our health in many ways, including the risk of fracture.

Maintaining vitamin D levels is very important for better health. The ideal source of vitamin D is sunlight, which contains UVB (ultraviolet B) rays. These rays are very beneficial for our skin. But, most of us work inside the house, due to which our body does not get proper UVB rays.

We can also get Vitamin D through our diet. Vitamin D is found in fish, mushrooms and egg yolk as well as cow’s milk, yogurt and orange juice. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet containing vitamin D helps maintain vitamin D levels in a more effective way. It plays an important role in making our immune system better and stronger.

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DSM India has launched a CSR campaign ‘Boost your ImmuiD’ to discuss this and explain vitamin D deficiency (which affects 80 per cent of Indians). The campaign focuses on raising awareness about Vitamin D and the importance of developing immunity so that people can work on their health deficiencies.

The sponsor of this article is ‘DSM India’.

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
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