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Thursday, October 21, 2021

2 Grooms reached the same pavilion in UP! The bride put a garland around one’s neck, married the other

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A strange and very Bollywood film-like incident of marriage ceremony from Uttar Pradesh has come to the fore. There was a ruckus in a wedding being held in district Etah when 2 grooms, band-baja, arrived with a procession to marry the bride. There was a marriage of a girl named Mohini in Siron village under Kotwali Dehat police station. Mohini was to be married to Phulanpur Bablu under Saurikh police station. On the day of the wedding, Bablu reached with great gusto.

According to media reports, During the ritual of ‘Dwarachar’, Ajit, a resident of Hayatnagar village of Chhibramau police station area also reached. It is being told that Mohini and Ajit were in a relationship for some time but Mohini’s family members were strictly against the marriage of both. Mohini’s family fixed her marriage with Bablu. When Ajit got the news of Mohini’s marriage, he reached Mohini’s house with a procession, relatives and relatives.

The people present were enraged by this whole incident and fighting ensued. According to reports, Mohini put a garland around one of the groom’s necks and married another. The bride went to her in-laws’ house after marrying another groom. First, the groom and the wedding processions started creating a ruckus. The matter got so bad that the police had to be called. Police reached the spot and intervened and resolved the matter. The police have taken the girl’s father and uncle into custody and are interrogating them. The police have also taken some family members and relatives of the other groom in custody and are investigating.

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Senior police officials declined to comment on the matter and simply said that the matter is under investigation. There have been no reports of any injuries or minor injuries to anyone in the entire incident.

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