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Pranjal Patil: The story of the country’s first blind IAS, which is teaching how to win after defeat

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The light of the world may be seen with the light of the eyes, but the eyes of the mind always do the work of eradicating the darkness spread in life. There are many people around us who are not able to overcome any difficult turn in their life as a decree of destiny. Such people also see life with their normal eyes, but the same person like Pranjal Patil removes every darkness from his mind’s eye and finds a way to the other side of the darkness. Our today’s story will tell the life of the girl who lost her eyes but did not let her courage break and created history.

Who is Pranjal Patil

Born in Ulhasnagar, Maharashtra, Pranjal’s big dreams started waking up in his small eyes, but the process of breaking of his dreams started when he lost his eyes at the age of just 6 years. An unconscious incident filled the darkness in the little Pranjal’s world, but Pranjal was courageous. Even though her world was filled with darkness, she decided that she would not allow this darkness into her life and would brighten her future to come in such a way that every person watching would not see their weakness but their achievement. Thinking just that, she started working hard. He never let himself lose due to his weakness. Eventually his hard work paid off and he did something that no one had done before him. Yes, Pranjal became the first blind female IAS officer of the country with her dedication and hard work.

Eyes lighted up but no dedication to read

Pranjal PatilYEARS

Even though the light of Pranjal’s eyes was snatched away, but there was always a readiness in his mind. He received his primary education from Mrs. Kamala Mehta School in Dadar, Mumbai. This school was meant for those special children who, like Pranjal, may have lost the light of their eyes but have maintained the passion of reading in the mind. Pranjal completed his studies in Braille script here. After passing 10th standard from here, Pranjal did 12th in Arts from Chandabai College and passed the examination with 85% numbers. Pranjal completed his further studies from St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai.

In this way, decided to give UPSC exam

At that time, Pranjal was studying in graduation, a friend had read an article about UPSC at the same time. This was the first time Pranjal was knowing about UPSC in such detail. This article impressed her so much that after this she started collecting information about this exam in private. Actually Pranjal had already decided that she would definitely take the UPSC exam but she was not telling anyone about this decision. After graduating from St. Xavier, Pranjal turned to JNU, a prestigious college in Delhi. Pranjal solved every problem in his life. She never gave up because of this, because she cannot see. For the preparation of UPSC, he also found a way out and took the help of a special software job access with speech made for people who lost their eyesight. Pranjal’s studies continued. After doing MPhil, he decided to do PhD.

Finally reached the destination

Pranjal PatilYEARS

Pranjal was obsessed with clearing UPSC. She started working hard day and night for this, but the big thing was that she did not take any kind of coaching in preparation for the Civil Services Examination. She just kept preparing for her exam with the help of special software. This special software could read books for them. Apart from this, Pranjal had also solved the mock test papers and also participated in the discussion.

Pranjal’s hard work was visible but to what extent it was right, it was to be decided only after the result. In the year 2016, Pranjal sat in the first exam of UPSC and in her very first attempt, she showed her hard work. He passed the exam by securing All India 773rd rank. Rank was good but due to being blind, he did not get a job in the Indian Railway Accounts Service, but he says that whatever happens is for good. If Pranjal had got that job, she might not have created history. After this, he committed his life to his next endeavor. This time the noise of success arising from his hard work injury was going to go far. His hard work had shown color and in his second attempt he got All India 124th rank without any coaching. With this, Pranjal was elected to the Indian Administrative Service. Pranjal took over as an Assistant Collector at Ernakulam, Kerala before being appointed to the post of Sub-Collector of Thiruvananthapuram.

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