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It is important to tell the story of these nurses, who are working hard in difficult times

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How much damage Corona has caused the world is not hidden from anyone. In this time of trouble, if we are able to claim to fight against this corona epidemic, then there is an important contribution of the nurses of the country, who are working side by side with the doctors.

The nurses’ dedication to work can be understood as if they are at work without leave. Standing in the first row, the nurses of the country are busy in saving the lives of patients.. Especially the nurses working in the Corona crisis, the world will remember their courage and dedication for centuries. So let’s know about some such nurses, whose service is an example for the society!

1. Sukriti has been serving patients without leave for one year

Sukriti Bindra, Senior Nursing Superintendent working at Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla in Himachal, has been on duty without leave for one year. She handles both her family and the hospital together. The special thing is that Sukriti is also a housewife. For this reason, she has the responsibility of both home and hospital on her shoulders, which she is doing well. When she is at home, she takes full care of all the family members. At the same time, when she is in the hospital, along with taking care of the patients, she trends the staff nurses and ward sister.

2. Walked 8 KM daily for 30 years to get vaccinated


Madhuri Mishra became a health worker in 1983 after every struggle. Madhuri walked 8 km every day for the last 30 years, so that children suffering from smallpox and other diseases can get health facilities. Madhuri said to TOI, “I knew how important my work was.”

“Many times, people used to cheat while vaccinating.” Many people did not allow entering the house. But, I also used to go back to those houses, with those whose children were vaccinated. Tried until she could not convince him. “Madhuri is now retired. But she is ready to work even after retirement if the need arises.

3. Decided to travel 250 KM despite being pregnant


S Vinothini, a 25-year-old nurse from Ramanathapuram in Tamil Nadu, had an eight-month-old baby in her stomach. Traveling in such a situation could be harmful to his health. Usually people stay at home in such condition. However, Vinothini thought it more important to reach his duty without caring for him.

Vinothini was working in a private hospital in Tiruchi. On 1 April 2020, he received a proposal to take care of Corona patients while joining the Ramanathapuram Primary Health Center duty. After which Vinothini took a rented car without delay and set out for Ramanathapuram and covered 250 km from Tiruchi.

4. Nurse for duty learned to ride a bicycle in 3 days

nurseDainik bhaskar

Munni Bala Suman, a 50-year-old nurse from Aurangabad Cycling in 3 days at the age of 50 to perform his duty Learned. Suman works as a nurse at the Primary Health Center in Navinagar Road. In 2020, all public transport was closed due to the implementation of the lockdown in the Corona era.

In such a situation, Suman walked on foot for 20 days of the beginning. Later he bought a new bicycle worth Rs 4600 and learned to drive it. In the hospital premises, he learned to ride a bicycle when he got time. Now she has learned to ride the bicycle completely and now she completes the journey from home to hospital only through bicycle.

5. Mudgali reaches the village after crossing the wild path for duty


Mudgali Tirkey is like a messiah for the people of Sur village in Surguja district of Chhattisgarh. She is very much alive for the health of the villagers and makes adequate medicines for them. She definitely reaches the village twice a week. She reaches there more often than necessary.

According to Mudgali, his journey to reach the village is very difficult. In such a situation, she seeks help from nearby male employees. The people of the village praise him very much. The difficult path of the forests through which they reach the village is a very courageous step.

6. Mother sick, crying newborn, Uma Took care to drink milk

The work that our health workers are doing in this Corona period will be given centuries. In a hospital in Kolkata, West Bengal, her mother could not give milk to her mother, then the nurse posted on duty took care of her. According to the report, RG Kar is a case of Labor Post Operative Ward (LPOV) of Medical College and Hospital.

Uma officers are on duty there. She has also become a mother recently. He took care of that child by feeding him milk. Uma says, the newborn’s mother went through a C-section. He was unwell In such a situation, she could not give milk to the child. During the deployment there, she could not see the child disturbed by hunger. Therefore, we took care of him by feeding him milk.

7. Indian nurse Sharon became angel in COVID in Australia

NurseSharon Varghese is an Indian nurse. Who is a resident of Kurupanthara in Kottayam district of Kerala. The way he served people in Australia’s Wollongong care home during the Corona period was greatly appreciated. Sharon shared a video on social media. In which he mentioned himself, how the nurses, doctors and other workers are handling the front against COVID-19 on the front foot.

After watching this video of him, former Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist also praised him. Gilchrist said, ‘I want to congratulate Sharon for her selfless work. The whole of Australia, the whole of India and your family will be proud of you. Congrats to you. Keep working like this. We are all with you.

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