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4 friends become examples of humanity, COVID Center opened in their village without government help

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During the Corona crisis spread across the country, Maharashtra emerged as the state where the number of infected people is the highest. For this reason, we have been receiving reports of lack of oxygen, hospital beds and medicines all over the state. Meanwhile, many people also extended a helping hand, among such helpful people include four friends of Beed district who have opened a COVID Center on their own.

No profit no loss

Four friends of Beed district, Prakash Desrada, Dr. Bhagwan Sanap, Dr. Ganesh Deshpande and Abhijeet Dungarwal have opened a COVID Center by themselves, without any government help to help the people in this epidemic. This hospital with a capacity of 50 beds has been prepared by these friends on the concept of ‘No profit-no loss’. This means that fees are charged from the patients but less than the fees of the government hospital. They neither earn any income from this nor any loss. These friends have started this COVID-19 center in the Ideal English School located in Shirur tehsil of Beed district. Now this hospital is working as a life saver for the local people. In this COVID center, 12 oxygen beds and 38 general beds have been arranged. Along with this, the patients are also given food for all the three times here.

Hospital set up for 30 lakhs

Covid CenterBhaskar

It took 30 lakh rupees to build this COVID Center. For this, four friends have given equal money. The center has a total of 40 medical staff including 10 doctors. The good thing is that 150 people have recovered and gone home from this COVID Center, which started on April 18. At present, sufficient oxygen and medicines are available for all corona infected patients admitted here. The hospital has an arrangement of 15 to 20 oxygen cylinders with ECG, X-rays, 3 ambulances. Separate arrangements have been made for their stay here so that the family of the patient is not disturbed. If a patient dies due to a corona infection, then the funeral ceremony is also carried out by the same COVID Center. However, the good thing is that not a single corona patient has died at this center so far.

Decided to see the deteriorating condition of the area

The idea of ​​making these four friends such a hospital came when they saw that the people around them were dying without beds and medical facilities. They thought that such a situation can be created in their area as well and this can lead to the loss of their loved ones as well. Thinking that this should not happen to his villagers, he decided to open the COVID Center. According to these four, currently, 50 patients are being looked after here, but they also have a system to keep other patients when needed.

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