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Sunil Vashisht: Distributed courier, delivered pizza and now become a millionaire by starting cake business

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There is definitely a time in life when it seems that all roads are closed now. In such a situation, people usually sit exhausted and spend the rest of their lives cursing their luck. At the same time, some people face every problem firmly and write their own luck.

The story of Sunil Vashisht born in Delhi is similar to this. This man who once shared a job like courier and pizza delivery boy is a millionaire today and is giving employment opportunities to youth and women. On the strength of his courage and a lot of hard work, Sunil is at the height of success today.

Childhood spent in poverty, Difficulties after 10th

Sunil vashisht

In a special conversation with India Times Hindi, Sunil talked about his entire journey and remembered his old days. Sunil says that he was born into a common family. As such, the family got him a class 10 education from a government school in Delhi. The family was not able to pay fees for further studies, so Sunil started working at a young age with studies. He worked like distributing courier from house to house.

Whatever work Sunil got, he did. He used to earn around 200-300 rupees in a day. It was not much for them. But the car of life was on. In the same sequence, 1998 he joined Domino’s Pizza. Here he got the job of pizza delivery boy. This work tired Sunil badly. But he never gave up.

When it felt that all the routes were closed, all was over

sunil-vashishsunil vashisht

Hard work paid off and Sunil continued to promote. Everything was going well, life was on track. Then the situation became such that he had to quit his job. This was a time when Sunil did not know what to do. They were seen closed all the way. If Sunil had wanted, he could have found another job.

But something else was going on in his mind. They decided that they will do anything now, but will not do the job. Soon he opened a roadside food shop with his savings. This restaurant did not run after unwavering efforts. After this big failure, Sunil planned to start cake work. For this, they needed money, which they did not have. In such a situation Sunil took help of some of his friends.

Finally, Sunil started his shop named ‘Flying Cakes’ with the help of about 60 thousand rupees. Sunil impressed everyone with the quality of his cake. Soon they started getting cake orders from private companies. With this, Sunil’s days started changing. Seeing this, the demand for his cake increased.

Delivery, taste and freshness made the brand

Sunil vashishtSunil vashisht

So that fresh cakes can reach people. For this, Sunil ensured that the cake would be prepared on order. Low prices, timely delivery, taste and freshness made Sunil a brand. He opened new branches one after the other. At present, Sunil has opened branches in cities like Delhi, Noida, Bangalore, Pune and Bihar. His company’s annual turnover is in crores.

How much did the Corona era affect Sunil’s business?

In response to this question, Sunil says that it has definitely impacted his business. Most of their orders come from private companies. Now that most of the companies are closed during the Corona period, the demand for their cakes is less. In such a situation, Sunil has now started a new range of fast food products like pizza as well as pizza, burgers in his business, as well as opening his outlets where people live and are in demand.

Maintained his confidence during the Corona era

Sunil vashishtSunil vashisht

Sunil says that during lockdown, he also worked to connect housewives with him. According to him, women have unique skills to make cakes etc. In such a situation, she can help in increasing their business. Along with this, employment opportunities are also created for women. Sunil wants to open his branches across the country in the coming times, so that more and more people can get the taste of his cake.

Today, he gives credit to his parents on the place Sunil is on. Sunil says that if parents had not said after 10th that now you have to look ahead, then they never work at a young age. They never know the value of hard work. Now they have to work very hard. An open sky is waiting for him outside, which he would definitely like to touch. For this, no matter how many challenges they have to face.

sunil vashishtsunil vashisht

Salute to Sunil’s passion! His story tells that the eyes of a poor person can not only dream but can also fulfill them. For this man Just a little courage and a lot of hard work has to be done.


Inputs: www.indiatimes.com

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