Ideas for Startups to Give Back in the Time of Coronavirus

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In the present time, every single person is struggling and barely making the end meets. No matter which class you belong to, your life somehow got affected by all of this, especially financially. There is no denying this truth that coronavirus didn’t prevent anyone. Some people got affected by it health-wise and the rest of the people economically and mentally because of the lockdown. Still, there is no hope when all of this is going to stop. Meanwhile, our Indian government is doing everything in its power to control the damage which is caused by this deadly virus.

But our government can do so much to help out the nation. Now it is also our job to support the government to stay afloat during this period. If we talk about supporting then, big companies and celebrities are donating to the PM trust fund. Everyone is contributing as much as they can while standing and fighting against this disastrous disease. As a startup company, it is also your responsibility to work for the betterment of our country, and it’s civilization.

I know what you are thinking. How come you are going to help out the people of our nation when you just started your business, and all of a sudden, our business and personal life turned upside down. There is no reassurance who is going to come out of this disaster in one piece and still standing tall and your business roots more than stable to make a name for itself.

Today I am going to give you some information about how you can help out the government and our whole nation and still thrive as a new business owner.

  1. Help people to adopt the change

In the past, every single person used to go to the company and even to the office. They were used to socializing while working. Especially managers and supervisors, it was a much more manageable task for them to supervise the workers in person. Old fashioned managers weren’t used to holding the meeting through skype or facetime videos. But now people are advised to stay at home for their safety, which leads us to our most significant problem: people who are not up to date about the latest technology.

It is becoming harder for people to work from home online as a startup who is used to working from the office and doesn’t know how to use the latest technology? You can make youtube videos, write blogs to help out these people. How to lead people from an online platform, how to sell their products online? It might take a little contribution from your side to change someone’s life for the better and to help out the whole nation with a small gesture.

  1. Provide products and your company services on discount or even for free

Now I know that as a beginner you can’t outright offer your products for free. But you can try to work your way around to provide people with a decent amount of discount. Because during the lockdown, most people lost their jobs, and other people had to face 50% cut off and even more in their salary. Which makes it harder for people to spend a vast amount of money on any type of product. Now it can be a plus point for you to set up an online shop and deliver your services and products on 50% and even 60% discount. You can also start a buy one and get one free scheme. This can lead to the rise of your company and also help out the civilians.

  1. Always be active to work on the idea which can help the nation

Right now, our country needs innovative minds to be active. Our government is helping out the corporations and individuals who are working on ideas that can make our life more comfortable through this pandemic. So if you think you have an idea for an app or any type of product which can help out the people of our country, then stop wasting time and get started to develop this concept into reality. Don’t worry about failing; just do your best and hope for good results. Even if your idea only helps 1000 people, it might seem a small number to everyone, but it can change these 1000 folks’ lives in a good way.

  1. Hold webinars and online live streams to raise the fund

You may not have enough money inside your pockets to donate for our nation because you ended up spending your savings to start your company. But there is a way to raise funds. You and your squad of specialists can start doing online podcasts, live streams on the videos, and answer people’s questions. While doing these online webinars, you are not only going to help these people to learn about digitalization and now how these people can handle their business from home.

But you can also ask these people to become a helping hand, and in one of your live streams, you can request them to donate money within their limit. It can be 100 rupees or even 10,000 rupees. It doesn’t matter because, during this time, every single penny counts. Either you can give this money to the PM fund, or you can help those low-income families around you. Who are struggling financially and don’t even have money to buy the food.

Always remember even your small mercy counts. It might be a small act of kindness for you, but it can be a world-changing experience for somebody else. Either we can let this Covid-19 dictate our present and ruin our future, or we can think of it as a lesson to enter a whole new world where we need to learn how to adopt this modernization and find new resources to make our work life easier from home. Even so, many schools accepted this change and started online classes. In the past, people might think it is impossible to achieve an education from home. But this year helped us see the different sides of the coin.

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