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How To Start Plant Nursery Business in India?

Our earth is green and trees adorned with plants. Trees and plants not only keep our environment clean, but they also provide us with mental peace. But today due to increasing commercialization and urbanization, air and air have become polluted, due to which our health is also negatively affected. Today people are suffering from diseases like asthma, skin diseases and allergic rhinitis, that too because they are full of toxic gases such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and not air purifier.

The government is taking necessary steps to deal with all this, as well as awareness has also come among the people, they are now planting indoor and outdoor plants in the pots to purify their home and the surrounding environment, so nowadays their The trend has increased.

For those doing business, the nursery business of plants can prove to be a good business, so that they can contribute to caring for nature with good earnings. So let us know the complete information about starting a nursery business of plants:

Start Your Own Plant Nursery For Profit

You can start a plant or plant nursery business from your home garden or take some land from there, but as far as possible, it would be better to start this business from rented or purchased land. With this, you will be able to grow your own plants there more easily and make them easy to reach your customers.

To start this business you must be interested in the business, and you must also know about the plants – such as which plant to grow at what time, what amount and what fertilizer should be added to the plant, which Plants should be grown indoor and outdoor etc.

By making the right plan of the business, you can move it in the right direction, it is also necessary to periodically assess your plans.

Nursery Business Equipment

Before starting the plant nursery business, you have to buy some materials and tools, the list of which is given below:

Fertile Land

Before starting a nursery business you need to buy or rent fertile land. It has to be kept in mind that the land is fertile or else you can grow plants according to your mind and will not be able to sell them.

Sand and Soil

Different types of soil and sand are required to grow different types of plants. Therefore you will need to know the availability of both sand and soil.


Nursery business requires a lot of water, as you have to irrigate every plant from time to time. Therefore it is necessary to pay attention to the water system too (more in summer).

Green Lattice and Bats (Wood)

Plants will not be able to grow properly if you keep them under direct sunlight, so you will need green net (for greenhouse effect) and bats to plant them.

Manures, Fertilizers and Pesticides

Good quality compost helps plants to grow well and strengthens, as well as good insecticides to protect the plant from spreading kits such as fungus, snails, etc. For this, you should keep in mind that as far as possible you should use natural fertilizer and manure only.


You will also need some tools in the nursery such as Pavra, Geti, Scissors, Khurpa, Hathodi, Polybag Basket etc. These tools will be useful to you from time to time.

Selection of Plants

Now it comes to the selection of plants, which plants you should keep in your nursery. You can decide this by keeping the following points in mind:

Place and Province

First of all, you will have to research your province thoroughly, if your province is a warm state, then you have to keep plants that grow in summer-like mango, orange, basil, banana, tomato, neem, rose, some ornamental trees etc. But if If you live in a cold province, then you have to keep plants like strawberries, blueberries, lychees, sepals, ferns and some ornamental trees etc. accordingly. These plants do not grow well in high heat.

Indoor and Outdoor

You can keep indoor trees such as money plants, snake plants, baby cactus, etc. Also in outdoor trees, basil, aloe vera, giloy, rose, sunflower, lily, fruit plant, water lily, bonjai species tree etc. Can be kept in the nursery.

Seasonal Plants

You can also keep plants according to the season, such as plants that are planted during the summer season and winter. You can plant many types of vine, fruit plants in summer, you can also plant plants that grow in less water. You can plant fruits and vegetable plants like radish, strawberry, carrot, gooseberry, a kiwi in winter.

Overall, you can keep different types of plants in your nursery, and sell them. The customer will buy your nursery plant as per his choice, requirement and desire.

Choose Place

You can start a plant nursery in any part of the city, but if it is started in a residential area, then your sales will be more likely. So start your business in the residential area, and open a place where people already have an eye on your nursery.

Scope of Nursery Business

You can also give a small nursery as a grand nursery. In your nursery, you can also store the necessary materials for planting plants along with other materials such as seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, tools, pot, urea, potting, girl’s mace, etc., and sell them.

Going forward, you can open flower vase shops by cultivating flowers in your nursery, and on other occasions (wedding, party) you can earn profits by selling flowers and fruits etc. to people.

Business of Studies and Nursery

Well, any person can start this business, but if a person has done graduation or post-graduation in this field, then it will be easier to start this business as well as more about the plant and their care Will be able to get information For this, you can do BSc or MSc etc. in Agriculture.

License and Subsidy For Plant Nursery Business

To start a plant nursery business you will need to obtain a certificate from the Municipal Corporation. You have to register your company, PAN, GST number and also a current account. You will also need permission from the government for nursery construction, along with insurance of your nursery.

Today, in order to take this business forward, subsidies are also being provided by the government to those starting this business and seeds, fertilizers and tools are being provided at cheap prices. About which you can get more information by going to

Cost in Nursery Business

Starting a nursery business of plants can cost you at least 50 thousand to 1 lakh. If you start it on a large scale, then it can cost you up to 2.5 lakhs. Which includes the cost of purchasing land rent, tools, seeds, plants, fertilizers, pesticides etc. Apart from this, the cost of water and electricity will have to be added separately. The government also helps on its behalf in this business, so some of the cost may be reduced.

Profits from Nursery Business

This business is a business of profit, but there are some things on which its profit can be less, such as:

Price of Raw Materials

Profit of business may be less on the price of seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, soil, sand etc. Prices of all these things keep increasing and decreasing, so only by looking at their value, profit can be estimated. Keeping the seeds for a long time causes fear of insects.

Tools and Other Materials

If you buy goods like tools, pot, potting, green mesh in bulk, then you can get it cheaply, which can increase your profits. All these things remain true for a long time, due to which it is better to take more of them at once.

Expressions of Plants

You can decide the prices of plants, the cost incurred in growing them and the expenses incurred in their care. Some plants require both time and attention to grow, in which case you can sell them at a good price.

Nursery Business Clients

Big gardens, hotels, colleges, flower shops, wedding planners, people who are fond of gardening can be the real customers of your nursery.

Marketing and Customer Attraction

Nowadays new ways of marketing are coming in the market. You can also earn good profits by adopting them. Here are some marketing methods:

  1. Keep your nursery attractive and beautiful, most of the people will see your nursery from outside and will wish to come inside.
  2. Put a large hoarding outside the nursery so that the nursery can be easily seen and people do not have trouble in finding it.
  3. Take care of your competitors, as well as place different species of plants in your nursery.
  4. You can also make people aware of this by creating your own nursery channel on YouTube channel, even if you can also give them information related to gardening.
  5. Through social media and your website, you can also increase the tendency of people to plant.

This was information about the nursery business of plants that keep the mother earth green. If you too want to start this business, then make plans, fix space, gather all the materials, complete the legal system and start your dream nursery business.


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