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How To Start Kulhad Tea Business in India?

If you want to start a new business, then this is the best opportunity. In the country’s major railway stations, bus depots, airports (malls), and mulled tea will be sold. You can start a business of Kulhad. Because, if the government executes this plan, then in the coming time, a large number of ax will be needed. You can also do the business of Kulhad tea or milk.

Road and Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has demanded a ban on selling tea in plastic or paper cups to promote Kulhad from the railway ministry including roadways. However, this demand is considerable. But now they are slowly coming to an end and Kulhad is being used for tea.

How To Open a Tea Shop?

Now that you have decided to start a tea shop excitedly, then it is very important for you to have various information related to this easy-to-show business. Let’s move Kanwar forward.

Do a Market Survey

Visit 15 to 20 famous tea shops in the city. Take their tea, also consider the ingredients and method of preparation. Choose the best tea in taste. Then practice making the same delicious tea by combining it with your new thinking and experiment.

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The Cheap Raw Material For Tea Shop

The essential ingredients for making tea are tea leaves, milk, and sugar. You will be able to sell your tasty tea cheaper than others only when you are able to buy raw materials cheaper. It must be kept in mind that quality does not get compromised in cheap rounds.

Find out where is the most delicious but inexpensive tea leaf available? Buy it at wholesale prices. Make sure that this is the tea leaf that you need.

You can also buy milk with two varieties. First from dairy farms or local cow-buffalo. There is a difference between the two milk. According to the Indian market, people like to drink strong tea. Choose milk, keeping both taste and money in the centre.

While buying sugar, do a thorough investigation and buy cheap but good quality sugar.

Choose The Appropriate Location

You have to choose a place for the shop where a lot of people gather. This place, outside the station, hospital, school-college, office, intersection, main market, etc., will have to make its choice from places where people have lost tired, spend time with friends, stand to wait for someone, etc.

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How To Make Your Tea Kulhad Special?

Today you will find a tea shop on every street, every corner. There is competition everywhere in the market. Apart from your typical tea, how did your shop evolve into something different? Let’s consider a few more things.


Take special care of hygiene in the shop. Remember where Lakshmi resides in cleanliness. This is very important. Don’t forget to add a bin.


Manage light and tasteful music in the shop. But keep the voice dim so that those who enjoy music can enjoy it and even the people who are busy talking.

Seating Arrangement

Keep a few benches, chairs, or stools in a place where people can enjoy the bath with a cup of tea, which is an important part of the tea shop. The gossip that takes place in politics here, politics, literature, current affairs, etc. is missing something of the glory.

Your Behavior

In any business, the shine comes when the shopkeeper’s behaviour towards customers is cordial. You can attract customers with your smile.

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Arrangement of Shay with Tea

Corey tea is never fun. If you provide some food items along with drinking, then the colour of your shop will be different. Along with tea, you can keep a system of water, biscuits, cakes, taffy, nankeen, etc. which will serve as a suitable assistant for your tea business.

Stall Decoration

Keep an attractive texture of the kulhad or paper cup in which you will give tea. Also, make the stall colourful. The use of different colours will attract people to your stall and will fill you with freshness and pleasure.

How Much Investment Need For a Tea Shop?

About 20 to 25 thousand rupees will be needed as a total investment to start a tea shop. This data may vary by location. This includes a lump sum expenditure and monthly expenditure (which will be settled by income).

  1. Shop/stall freight
  2. Business license
  3. Bench, stool or chair
  4. Goods – ax, flask, gas stove, lighters, commercial gas cylinders, tea utensils, tea leaves, milk, sugar, spices, biscuits, snacks, cakes, etc.
  5. Electric Beal
  6. Staff (if needed)

How Government Help For Kulhad Business?

PM Narendra Modi has implemented the potter empowerment scheme to promote the business of Kulhar. Under this, the government gives electric chalk to the potters so that they can make axes from it. Later the government buys those axes at a good price.

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Low-Cost Fat Profit

You can start this business for just 5000 rupees. For this, you will need some space. It is not necessary to have a prompt location for space. According to Khadi Village Industries Commission Chairman Vinay Kumar Saxena, this year the government has set a target to distribute 25 thousand electric chalk.

How Much Will You Earn?

The price of tea kulhad is a minimum of 50 rupees hundred, Lassi kulhad 150 rupees hundred, milk kulhar 150 rupees, and cup 100 rupees. You can get a better rate when demand increases.

Kulhar Tea Business

With the supply of Kulhad, you can also do the business of Kulhad tea or milk. This business can also start from 5 thousand rupees. The price of Kulhad tea in cities is 15 to 20 rupees. In the Kulhad tea business, there are a savings of around 1000 rupees in 1 day.

Milk Business

At the same time, the price of 200 ml of milk in Kulhad ranges from 20 to 30 rupees. On selling 1 liter of milk, you will get a profit of at least 30 rupees. If you sell 500 litres of milk in 1 day, then the profit of one day will be around 1500 rupees. So you can earn from Rs 45000 to 50 thousand in a month.

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