How To Keep Your Employees Healthy During The Coronavirus

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COVID-19 has drastically affected the economy and turned around the way businesses were functioning in every part of the globe. The pandemic has certainly defined new paradigms of any business. Work from Home has emerged to be the new normal which companies are practising to create a balance between the health of the associates and running the business.

Safeguarding and supporting the employees on one hand and seamlessly running the business, on the other hand, is the challenge that companies are facing amidst this critical situation. Not just this, it also implies to build your business for the worst-case scenarios along keeping the confidence of your employees.

Sailing through these tough times, you will realize the amount of support you offered came multi-fold to you, and because of which you survived in the crisis. This is indeed a two way give and take relationship. Some of the ways to restore physical and mental wellbeing of your employees are:-

Have a More Flexible Approach While Striving For Growth

Providing more flexibility to employees is the key message here. Adapting to the new Work from Home is not that easy as it sounds. While staying at home an employee has to manage both the personal as well as his professional front which means juggling with both at a time.

As the schools are closed, the younger kids in the family need more attention and time. The routine activities are making them feel bored. A healthy initiative can be opening the communication channels that are having transparent conversations with their employees about how and when work can be done without evading employees’ privacy.

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Stay Distant Yet Virtually Connected

I am sure there must be some who have never worked from home, social isolation will be haunting them causing depression or getting struck with monotony. No matter how difficult it is to replicate daily interactions with co-workers but you can always create synergy by hosting virtual interactions.

Platforms like Zoom, WebEx, Google Meets have started catering to a large number of organizations to foster or strengthen your team spirit. Various online competitions are also encouraged to engage the workforce in a better way.

Research has declared that having such reciprocal, supportive interactions with the team boosts productivity and also acts a positive reinforcement scales up the business.

Upskilling The Employees and Training The Employees

The lockdown in many places can be utilized to add or update the skill set of your employees. Despite, the routine chores they can update themselves, and new value addition must be encouraged. This is how they can make most of this crisis. Doing or participating to learn something will keep their energy channelized and they will be focused in the right direction. These are seeds you will sowing for a better and prosperous future of your business. Many companies have launched new skill development or great virtual Townhall sessions where they are providing direct mentorship from the distinguished leaders.

It is always crucial to safeguard and protect your employees in difficult times. They remain the pillars on which business stands tall and confident. Shrugging them during a crisis means you are weakening the foundation of your business. So now is the time to stand by them and stand with them. The more you rely upon and nurture them the more smoothly your business will run. Seamlessly running your business along with keeping the workforce healthy is the need of the hour. In addition to this, better and positive communication with your internal stakeholders can create and do wonders. You might not realize it today but having a clear dialogue with the associates protects your reputation sturdy and you become ready for any flight and fight situation.

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
Shehnaz Ali Siddiqui is a Corporate Communications Expert by profession and writer by Passion. She has experience of many years in the same. Her educational background in Mass communication has given her a broad base from which to approach many topics. She enjoys writing around Public relations, Corporate communications, travel, entrepreneurship, insurance, and finance among others.
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