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Herbal tea and healthy breakfast made for ailing father, made crores of business

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When 29-year-old Riddhima Arora’s father, who lives in Jammu, fell ill, she took a three-month break from her brand marketing job and took care of her father while staying at home.

She says, “My 59-year-old father had liver cirrhosis disease and the doctors said he couldn’t do anything.” Because, his condition was getting worse day by day. While he was at home, I made sure to eat nutritious food that was clean and came from local sources. ” He started treating his father with different herbal teas, Ayurvedic decoctions and traditional foods.

His family stopped taking canned food and preservative food products. They started taking all the goods from the local farmers. Riddhima’s father regularly started taking things like Haridati (Indian hog plum) and Harad which have antiseptic properties.

She adds, “In just three months, his condition improved and he started feeling better.” Although liver cirrhosis is an incurable disease, my father improved his condition greatly by changing his eating habits and exercising regularly. Now he is going to work every day and is handling our 80 year old family business of nuts, medicinal herbs, organic products and Ayurvedic medicines. ”

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Take special care of food and drink:

Riddhima saw how her father’s deteriorating condition improved with the right food. Therefore, he decided to change his lifestyle by helping others to change their eating habits.

Herbal Tea and Snacks
Riddhima Arora, the founder of Namhya Foods with her father.

She says, “Most people have a habit of buying food that is made quickly.” However, they do not see what is used in it. Sugar-free products, diet supplements or other ‘healthy’ eating options contain one or more harmful ingredients. Whether it is maida, preservatives or fructose (sugar made from fruit juice). Therefore, I decided to introduce a range of Ayurvedic, herbal and healthy food products using family recipes. ”
In the year 2019, he quit his job for his business.

At the end of the year 2019, he launched his startup named ‘Namya Foods’. Through this, she has been in control of everything from herbal teas to keep liver and heart healthy, to a quick-build ‘breakfast mix’, to immunity-enhancing latte, to healthy snacks, and to PCOS (Diabetes) and diabetes. Doing tea etc. is reaching customers.

He first collected many recipes that have been in use for generations. Subsequently, he spoke to Ayurvedic experts. Who helped them to cope with the amount and proportion of ingredients used in different recipes. Apart from this, he also did a three-month ‘Ayurvedic Certificate Course’ being run by ‘UAVS Ayurveda’, Bengaluru in association with ‘International Academy of Ayurveda’.

Healthy Food Startup
Ayurvedic products made by Namhya Foods.

Says Riddhima, “Although I had knowledge of Ayurvedic concepts due to the influence of my family, but this course helped me to refresh and enhance my knowledge.”

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Organic products:

Together with his family contacts and local farmers, he created a supply chain for raw materials. She says that it took a few months because, it was difficult to find farmers cultivating indigenous herbs and plants. Apart from this, he visited all the farmers, took stock of their fields and produce and after that started working with them.

Subsequently, he set up a manufacturing unit on one of his family’s land. He purchased the necessary machinery for grinding, cutting and packaging. Then, they hired a few local employees with cooking skills.

She says, “After an initial few months of research and development, in January 2020 we launched three herbal teas.”

Herbal Tea and Snacks
Riddhima Arora and the products offered by Namhya Foods.

Aryan Mehta, 20, who lives in Amritsar, Punjab, and his grandfather say that both of them have benefited greatly from Riddhima’s food products. Aryan’s grandfather’s heart valves detected some blocks (heart-related illness) and doctors advised him to have a healthy diet. Aryan says, “I came to know about Namya Foods on Instagram in April 2020 and I bought their ‘Heart Tea’ for Grandpa. By taking it for three consecutive months and by changing other eating habits, his condition improved considerably. The doctors also said that after further check-up, his health improved. ”

Today, Riddhima’s startup is offering 26 different food products, including turmeric latte powder, diabetes / heart / liver care tea, breakfast mix made with ragi / millet, drinks to control PCOS, and cocoa flavors for children. Cinnamon Latte etc.

Riddhima says that she has earned Rs 1 crore annually and now her products are moving to countries like Dubai and Canada besides India.

You can buy their products from their website or Amazon.

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