Even employment, rust with plastic! Tribals are now making bamboo lamps after bamboo bottles

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Many young tribals of the village of Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh are training others in bamboo art. The purpose of this work being led by a high school dropout is not only to provide livelihood through commercial use of bamboo, but also to restrict migration to Gujarat and Rajasthan. bamboo Plastic has emerged as a better alternative, which is not only Plastic is helpful in controlling pollution. It is also capable of giving employment.

According to a report by The New Indian Express, A couple named Krishna and Lata Ninama are in charge. Both have trained others in making creative bamboo products for the last 2 years. Their goal is to stop the migration of 20,000 tribal families by 2030.


The NGO named Sivaganga Samagra Gram Vikas Parishad started this training with only 25-50 people. Now the number is more than 900 from 25 villages. Just a month before Diwali, new products include lamps, including a set of six small diyas priced at Rs 350. Krishna said, “We have received orders of about 1 lakh rupees. A team of 60 trained tribals including 40 in Bamboo Training Center in Meghnagar city and 20 in villages are working to fulfill the orders before Diwali. First. Only 10% of orders have been completed. “


Lata said, “Reusable bamboo lamps can be used easily for at least five years.”

Earlier on World Bamboo Day, Tripura Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb launched bamboo cookies and bottles of honey. By doing this, he promoted products made of bamboo. He shared photos of cookies and bottles on his Twitter account. He also wrote about these products, which increased employment opportunities in the region.

He wrote in his tweet, “On the occasion of World Bamboo Day, bamboo cookies and honey bottle made of bamboo were launched. Bambu Cookies and Honey Bottle is now a new achievement. This will create livelihood opportunities for many people. ”

This is a good way of promoting self-reliance among the local people. Of course, there is still a long way to go, but things are on the right track.


Inputs: www.indiatimes.com

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Mirza Shehnaz
Mirza Shehnaz
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