Eco-friendly business of two brothers, planting plants on every purchase, have planted 4500+ plants so far

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If we look at our cities, we will find that these cities used to be very different in our childhood. In those days, we used to get more greenery, clearer water and more animals and birds. But now the picture has changed completely. Instead of greenery, buildings are seen everywhere and garbage in water sources. Most people ignore these things and then there are some people for whom this changed picture is the reason for doing something different. We are talking of two brothers living in Mumbai, who, looking at the increasing pollution in the city and the increasing waste in the sea, decided to do something different and started an eco-friendly business.

Mishal Pardiwala (34) and Mikail Pardiwala (31) spent their childhood in Colaba, Mumbai. The two brothers first went out of town to study and then moved to Australia. While Mishal studied architecture, Mikail did sociology. In early 2012, the two brothers returned to India and started working in their respective fields. He says, “When we returned to Mumbai a lot had changed here. The sea overlooking our house was filled with all kinds of garbage. So, often we both brothers started discussing what can be done for the environment? ”

To save the environment, he saw the solution that more and more trees should be planted and environmentally friendly products should be used. For this, he wanted to do something at his level. Says Mikail, “For some time, Mishal worked in the architecture field and I did a property management business with my father. But after much thought and research, we thought of doing something where we could do something for the environment. So in 2016, we started a separate business called ‘Treeware’.

‘Treeware’ is a sustainable company, which Mishal and Mikail started by investing their savings money. Through this, they are providing natural and environmentally friendly products like T-shirt, hand sanitizer, deodorant, lip balm to people. The most interesting thing is that the packaging of all these products is also done in a sustainable manner. Also, some percentage of every purchase made from them goes for plantation.

Natural and environmentally friendly products

All treeware products are made keeping the environment in mind. Like their T-shirts are made of organic cotton and dye. Also, they are used for packaging as well as by cleaning old, waste and discarded plastic bottles. He says, “Both of us don’t go behind too much fashion and trends. Therefore, we have also designed these T-shirts that are comfortable to wear and, at the same time, are made in environmentally friendly ways. Initially, we asked people in our friends and family to try these T-shirts. We got good response from everyone. ”

Apart from this, he noticed that people are very conscious about personal hygiene. But the products available to them in the market are harmful to the environment. So he spent months researching, using alcohol and paraben, to create a special hand sanitizer. To make it, they have used all the pure oils, which are natural and also good for the skin. They are safe for you as well as your children. Similarly, they have made natural deodorant sticks, which are free from alcohol, sulfate, aluminium as well as artificial fragrances.

Eco Friendly Business
Treeware products

They state that for the packaging of deodorant sticks, they are using recycled cardboard (cardboard). He added, “All our product packaging is such that it can be recycled again. We use more and more cardboard for our products. Our effort ahead is to make our business zero-waste. ”

However, he had to face a variety of challenges to get his products to the customers. But, the biggest challenge has always been the lack of awareness among the people. He says, “There are mostly middle-class families in India, for whom good food and living are their priority.” Due to being entangled in everyday problems, they do not have enough time to think more on matters like the environment, pollution. Therefore, we cannot blame them for why they do not buy environmentally friendly products? ”

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Yet in the last five years, their number of customers has increased significantly. Climate change on social media and increasing awareness about plastic pollution have, to a large extent, prompted people to make the right choices when shopping. Treeware now receives more than 250 orders every month and they are also getting good response from the people.

Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer

One of her customers, Keerti Tibrewal, says, “I have been using Treeware products for the last two years and I love their deodorant and lip balm very much.” They are absolutely chemical-free. For people whose skin is sensitive, these products are a great option. ”

Another of his clients, Daksha Sharma, says that nowadays it is difficult to find a business that works on sensitive issues related to nature more than economic development. They use all the products of the company because, they know that through whatever they are buying, they are doing something good for their environment.

Emphasis on plantation

Whatever product is purchased from them, some part of their earnings goes for ‘Plantation Campaign’. Says Mishal, “We were determined in the beginning that we would try to plant as much as possible. But it is not enough to plant only plants but it is also necessary to take care of them so that these plants grow into trees and increase greenery in nature. ”

Therefore, he works with organizations associated with the field of the plantation. Funds are given for the plantation drive from him and the people of the organization along with him plant saplings on behalf of the company and their customers. He explains, “CommuniTree” is our partner for the plantation work, we send them all the funds and they along with their team get the plantation done. The plants, funded by ‘Treeware’, are being planted in Udaipur in Rajasthan and the Sunderbans in West Bengal. Also, these plants are also ‘geotagged’. ”

Getting the plants planted

The project lead of this organization, Varun Vithalani, says that the treeware company is continuously contributing to the growth of India’s forests. Also, their contribution also leads to employment opportunities in rural areas. The number of saplings he has planted so far has given employment to the rural people for 420 days. They say that there is a need for more such businesses in the world, which should understand their responsibilities towards the environment and society and move forward. With the contribution of treeware, more than 4500 trees have been planted so far.

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The demand for Mikail and Mishaal’s products is increasing, but they have kept their level of business small. There are four people working in his team right now. To manufacture the products, she has hired women from a ‘women’s self-help group’ in Alibaug. His work remained closed for several months during the lockdown but, due to his small stature, he did not suffer much. Currently, his annual turnover is Rs 20 lakhs.

Both brothers planting saplings

In the end, the two brothers only say that through their company they want to make people environmentally aware and sensitive. The desire of people to be advanced has caused the greatest damage to the environment and the earth and this can be compensated by choosing the right products and planting more and more plantations.

If you want to order ‘Treeware‘ products or contact Mikail and Mishal.

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