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Thursday, January 20, 2022

Accenture will create digital platform for BPCL

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Leading IT company Accenture today said that it will form a digital platform in association with Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL). It has been named IRIS which will be specially designed for the sales and distribution network of the country’s second largest oil and gas company.

Accenture will use its data, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technology to design, design and implement IRIS. The platform will integrate real time data from BPCL’s network across the country. BPCL’s network includes more than 18,000 fuel retail outlets, 25,000 truck trucks, 75 oil installations and depots, 52 LPG bottling plants and 250 additional industrial and commercial locations. This will give the company a consolidated view of its wider operations. The IRIS platform, operating on analytics based on artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, will later operate in an automated manner and provide warnings such as quick responses to dangerous situations or equipment failures.

The platform will be able to accept more than 3 million inputs per second through automated sensors, cameras and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These devices will be deployed at all major locations. In addition, the platform will monitor performance based on key parameters such as fuel stock, safety, compliance, equipment status and asset improvement. BPCL’s field workforce and partner network will get seamless experience through portals, mobile apps and call centers set up in Noida and Chennai.

Piyush N Singh, Head (India Market Unit), Accenture said, ‘We believe that our industrial expertise and wide digital capability can help BPCL to drive the next wave of growth and gain special benefits in the market. A strong combination of human and practical intelligence will bring transformative change that will help make BPCL’s operations more secure and efficient. ‘

IRIS will enable BPCL’s workforce of over 100,000 across the country to take faster and more accurate decisions. This infrastructure will help improve the customer experience by reducing downtime and maintaining fuel quality leading to increased sales.

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