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The passion of gardening is such that the garden made the roof of the house, from litchi-strawberries to mango-guava grown

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There is no age to learn something new. When you decide, a new path opens for you. Retired surgeon of Kolkata Dr. Kali Prasad Saha woke up to gardening after passing an age. The hobby is also such that in a few years, with his hard work, he planted about 200 flowers, fruits and vegetables on his roof. Apart from this, the surprising work that he did was that he grew blue mangoes.

So let’s know how Dr. Sahab did so much?

Where did Dr. Saha begin


Cities are called concrete forests, people are settling the city by cutting the forests of nature. That is why everything is there in cities but not nature, but if the people living in cities take up a hobby like Dr. Saha, then the cities will also look green. Dr. Saha has grown cherries, lychees, strawberries, blackberry, oranges, jackfruit, mangoes, grapes, guava, capsicum, brinjals and what not.

Saha, a retired surgeon from the Indian Railways, is 63 years old. He was not always fond of gardening. After a good age, he understood how much he loved nature. Talking to The Better India, Dr. Saha says that when he was posted in Malda, at the same time, he understood how much he had affection for gardening. While there, he went to a function organized by the Malda Horiculture Division. Here his daughter’s drawing teacher was going to get the award. During this ceremony, Dr. Saha noticed that there are different types of flowers. After seeing the beauty of these flowers, he woke up to a hobby that was suppressed for years.

Today is our own magnificent garden

mangorepresentational picture

When Dr. Saha’s daughter’s art teacher came to teach her at her home, Dr. Saha would also go to the daughter’s class and listen carefully to the information given by the teacher about the different types of flowers. After this, he started growing some plants in his house. The journey of gardening of Dr. Saha started with those few plants has reached more than 250 plants today, which includes flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs.

The most special thing about Dr. Saha is the attractive plants grown by him. Dr. Saheb is associated with many online gardening communities. It was from here that he learned new arts of gardening and started planting some attractive plants at home. Dr. Saheb’s hard work paid off and his saplings started to thrive.

Examples of some attractive fruits grown by Dr. Saha are sweet tamarind, blue mango and red guava. Their taste is similar to mango fruits but their changed color makes these fruits attractive. The second biggest thing is that fruits like mangoes and jackfruit grow on the trees growing in a lot of places, for which a lot of land is needed, but Dr. Saha has grown all these fruits in his small garden.

Daughters like father’s garden

kichen-gardenrepresentational picture

During the lockdown, there was a problem for people what to do in their free time. In such a situation, Dr. Saha was lucky that he had his garden. In those days when people started going into depression due to fear of Corona, their garden proved to be stress buster for Dr. Saha. He used to feel relaxed among his plants and used to be engaged in gardening all the time. He had plenty of time during the lockdown.

In such a situation, he would wake up early in the morning and plant a new plant. Dr. Saha also has his own kitchen garden, where he grows greens and vegetables. When their daughters come to meet them, they want that father cook the vegetables of their garden and feed them and Dr. Saha is happy to do so.

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